Some Words on Chuuwee’s “Crown Me King” Mixtape


Words by Scott Ramirez

“Your toxicity is making me sober”

Any project named “Crown Me King” or with any allusion to royalty needs to carry some sort of backing to it. But this young contender by the name of Chuuwee, carries himself well with enough skills to pay the palace bills. Based in the city of Sacramento, California, and under Amalgam Digital, Chuuwee is a solid rhymesayer. Peep game.

“If I ruled the world and everything in it, I’d push the ES3 on 6’s. And gas prices would be nonexistent
And there could be a couple job slots open for a man to make an easy livin'”

Meandering both gracefully and aggressively on the tracks, Chuuwee can definitely hold the mic down with no problem. Adept on various subjects like the battle raps, love life and urban narratives, he’s able to strike a good balance in his delivery and approach to lyricism. One of my favorite tracks off Crown Me King is “Rule The World” featuring Charmingly Ghetto, taking strong inspiration from Nas’ classic track from It Was Written, but putting his own brand of lyricism to it. The beat is handled nicely by Sauce Fonda and the two emcees come correct with the rhymes. Other guest stars include Mean Doe Green, Chez, Abstract Ninjaa, Allen Guevera, Hopie and the ever honest Don Trip. Each emcee brings their own flair to the tracks and Chuuwee never lets up, always keeping his verbal charisma on point.

“She get a kick out of my misery like Kung Pao, that’s why I kicked the bitch out like Kung Lao”

The soundscape on Crown Me King is one of the other highlights. Beats are mad nice. I’m not familiar with any of their names, but with this project out, they should be. Asides from the aforementioned Sauce Fonda, the other audio credits goes to: P.Beats, ENG, The Audible Doctor, Jonathan Lowell, The DrummAddictz, Swoots, Sundown, Insightful, GoldenChild, Drian, DAIMS and J.Blow. With a large array of producers on board, you’d think it would be a mix of clashing sounds but nope, each track meshes well with one another. Beautiful soul samples and kicking drums…definitely good for a car ride on a sunny day. Being a kid from the North, It’s definitely one of the things I instantly recognize and admire from that West Coast aesthetic. All in all, Chuuwee has an ear for good audio work. Kudos to the producers.

“Drop lyrical lectures, make niggas stay after school”

The only qualm I have would be the interlude track halfway through the album, I wanted to press the skip button as it kind of stopped the vibe. Personally, only a few cats like the Wu and Redman can keep me interested in that aspect. Small issue aside, this is a good release that everyone should check out. There’s a lot of dope talent in the growing world of Rap-dom and Sacramento can add Chuuwee as a new heir to their line of kings. Solid beats and nice with the words, get the “Crown Me King” mixtape for free. Hear, hear!

Words by Scott Ramirez


One comment on “Some Words on Chuuwee’s “Crown Me King” Mixtape

  1. markdub7 says:

    The Rule The World track in itself makes is seem like it’s worth checking for.


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