In The News 7/10/12


40 Glocc Challenges The Game To A Fair Fight » allhiphop

Dwight Howard’s Interest Signals New Era for Nets » nytimes

Kanye West Blasts MediaTakeOut, Says His Music Is “Perfect” » hiphopdx

Physics Shows Batman’s Cape Is Suicide Machine » wired

Did Nas Burn Kelis’ Wedding Dress? » allhiphop

Report: 70 percent of African-American children can’t swim » thegrio

65 years ago today, aliens probably didn’t land in Roswell, NM » latimes

Beyoncé’s Ode to Frank Ocean: “Brave,” “Fearless” for Revealing He Loved a Man » eonline

‘Independence Day 2′: Sequel to Will Smith blockbuster in the works » huffingtonpost

RIM exec: New BlackBerrys will impress » usatoday


7 comments on “In The News 7/10/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    The gangster posturing btwn 40 Glocc & Game is going to leave someone crippled or dead. They need to squash this beef before that happens. Maybe that one-on-one could lend to that.

    I’m glad that Dwight Howard will finally get his wish to leave Orlando. He’ll instantly make the Nets better, but thy won’t be championship ready just yet.

    I hate that Kanye struggles so w/his self-esteem.

    What would’ve been the big deal w/Nas burning the dress? Kelis burned him for large sums of l’argent. I guess it would’ve been poetic.

    It is ridiculous that so many black children don’t know how to swim. One of my childhood friends drowned in a pool and died. I got my son in the water as early as I could so that kind of thing would never happen to us.

    I dig that Frank Ocean was brave enough to come out, and that for the most part, artists have been supportive. Maybe he’ll start the movement for more cats in hip hop to be more honest, and embrace who they truly are. Nah…..prolly not.


  2. ThaKemizt2012 says:

    I’m of the opinion that all capes are death traps… Ever seen The Incredibles? NO CAPES


  3. Capital G says:

    Been a life long Nets fan (almost ashamed to admit it) and I would love to see Dwight suit up for us, but who the hell else is gonna play? If this trade goes down then there is absolutely no one left to come off the bench. We ain’t gonna have a STARTING five, we’re gonna have JUST five.


    • Tony Grands says:

      Lol! Apparently the “pressure” of playing in LA is too much for him. Seems like it would be less if Kobe Bryant & Steve Nash are there also.

      This foo DHoward pulled a Rick Ross. Most hated to most wanted in the blink of an eye.


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