Ear Hustlin’: New Music By David Dallas | David Stones | Pavy | Amir Driver | Dean Swift & Geniu$

Independent Hip Hop artists interested in submitting material for possible inclusion in Ear Hustlin’ may do so at RAWIFDP@yahoo.com. Thanks in advance & enjoy the music, people!

David Dallas
“Pay Off”
Produced by Forte One
I didn’t even have to see the video to appreciate the song. I’ve been watching D. Dallas since he first arrived in America, literally. Video directed by Tom Gould. Falling Into Place coming soon.

David Stones
“Why I Love It”
Produced by Talented Blake
Stones is back with a slow slapping, piano-heavy anthem for that real shit & those who live it. Steppin’ Stone: All Or Nothin’ mixtape is on the way.

“Left Shoulder, Right Shoulder”
God & the devil co-star in this tale of good, evil, & the young man who has to choose between them. The bloody-soaked video is directed by Thomas Price. Middle Class Ignorance available now.

Amir Driver
The S.E.X. Tape Mixtape
A.Driver’s latest tape is a 14-cut summer soundtrack with a song for every cat in your crew. Standouts include “Please,” a bouncy ode to actual Hip Hop, produced by Supa Kid Beats, & “Lookin’ At Me,” the Beats How You Like ‘Em-produced thumper for the ballers & chick-stealers.

Dean Swift & Geniu$ feat. Lucky
Produced by Geniu$
Atlanta meets Boston as Genui$ & Dean Swift team up for “Prayer,” a heartfelt song dedicated to the everyday struggles of life in the city. Unheard Of will be available August 14th.


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