In The News 7/11/12


Rapper/Producer Lord Finesse Sues Mac Miller For $10 Million Over “Hip 2 Da Game” Instrumental » hiphopdx

Detroit Lawmaker Robbed at Gunpoint; Calls it a ‘social problem’ » thegrio

Lakers are back in picture for possible Dwight Howard trade » latimes

Director of 6-Year-Old Rapper’s Explicit Video Says It’s a Joke » miaminewtimes

Trayvon Martin Memorial Moved To Sanford Museum » vibe

MMG Rapper Gunplay Discusses Leaving The Street Life and Quitting Cocaine » theversed

Law professor examines Jay Z’s infamous ’99 Problems’ lyrics » huffingtonpost

‘Frankenstein’ mummies, made from body parts, found in Scotland » latimes

Black Ops II Will Have The Best Call Of Duty Campaign Ever » psxextreme

Global Warming Makes Heat Waves More Likely, Study Finds » nytimes

Why You’re Not Friends With Your Neighbors » wired


One comment on “In The News 7/11/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    It will be interesting to see what comes of Lord Finesse’s case against Mac Miller. It could have implications of a major scale on the mix tape game.

    It’s a shame that they robbed this state rep but it is also a sign that we should all be careful; anybody can get it at anytime.

    Seriously the Lakers are ill when it comes to dealing for players. I would be just a little shocked if they pulled off this Dwight Howard trade.

    The little boy who was in the booty pop video sounds as if he was being exploited. When was the last time that happened to a young black boy?

    Jay’s ol slick ass knows he wasn’t talking about a police dog when he said bitch on 99 Problems….unless, of course, it was yet another of his masterful double entendres.


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