In The News 7/12/12


Mitt Romney tells skeptical NAACP: I’ll do more for the black community » freep

Sneak peek: Spike Lee’s Michael Jackson ‘Bad’ documentary » thegrio

Radio Host Charlamagne Tha God Almost Jumped By 5 Men! » rapfix

NY Phone Booths Now WiFi Hotspots » abcnews

Philadelphia Pastor Calls For Radio Ban On Meek Mill’s “Amen” » hiphopdx

Formspring hacked, all passwords reset » sfgate

Detroit rapper’s pitbulls taken by police after boasting of dogfights online » nydailynews

Nas Performs At The ESPY Awards » rapradar

Can “Keep 32” chemical keep you cavity-free? » cbsnews

Target Refusing To Sell Frank Ocean Album » theurbandaily


One comment on “In The News 7/12/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    Anybody believe Romney when he says he’d do more for the Black community? Me neither.

    Charlemagne was skipping like a damn rabbit to bob & weave away from those dudes. I’m glad he ain’t get seriously hurt.

    Nas is rolling now. I can’t wait to peep Life is Good. It’s going to be great. I can feel it in my bones. Grown Man rap.

    Target is buggin, but I don’t honk they’re really goin to do much to hurt Frankie Ocean’s sales much anyway.


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