Ear Hustlin’: New Music By Yamin Semali | Patience Price | Tree | AWKWORD

Independent Hip Hop artists interested in submitting original material for possible inclusion in Ear Hustlin’ may do so at RAWIFDP@yahoo.com. Thanks in advance & enjoy the music, people!

Yamin Semali
“Never Leave”
Produced by Yamin Semali
I know a lot of producers & they seem to be in love with their equipment, but this W. Feagins-directed video is the first time I’ve seen that love manifest physically. Yamin due this fall.

Patience Price
“Into Hell”
Produced by Sinima
Liquor, smoking, lesbians, raps. All it’s missing is gratuitous violence & a cartoon character. Hypnotic video directed by Jerome D. From the Adreneline & Vodka EP.

Tree ft. SL Jones
Produced by Tree G
Tree & SL let the ladies know what to expect, while the lazy loop forces you to nod along. & they don’t give a fuck what you think about them. Dripped Up 3 available now.

AWKWORD ft. D. Julien, Dom O Briggs, Poison Pen & Tone Spliff
“Back To BK”
Produced by Tone Spliff
AWK & company take you back to Brooklyn over funky pianos & vivid imagery of memories frozen in time. World View out now.


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