In The News 7/17/12


Rapper Mysonne Calls Frank Ocean’s Open Letter A “Cheap Gimmick” To Sell Albums » hiphopdx

Why was Zimmerman’s cousin afraid of him? » csmonitor

A Closer Look at the Lakers Bench for the 2012-13 Season » bleacherreport

Drug Approved to Fight HIV Infection » washingtonpost

God Forgives, I Don’t: Should Rappers Repent? » allhiphop

President Obama booed after failing to deliver ‘Kiss Cam’ » nydailynews

SpaceX wins contracts for government weather satellite launch » dailybreeze

Dental Fillings Linked to Slight Behavior Problems » webmd

Rover on track for landing on Mars » nasa

Steve Harvey Won’t Allow “Buffoonery” On “Think Like A Man” Sequel » theurbandaily

Former Porn Star Bree Olson Explains Recording First Hip Hop Song » hiphopdx


One comment on “In The News 7/17/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    Mysonne sounds like he’s sipping on Haterade made from the finest of sour grapes. I think that his tweets about Frank Ocean’s coming out are pretty gimmicky themselves. I still doubt that it will help him sell any albums.

    Though Zimmerman’s cousin has now come out about the alleged molestation, I’m pretty sure that he will still only been prosecuted with in the court of public opinion. they will address that we charge later.

    I heard that the Lakers had acquired Antawn Jamison today. If so that is one hell of a pick up for them.

    Wait a minute… You mean to tell me that there is going to be a project with Steve Harvey in it and they expect there not to be any buffoonery? Unbelievable.


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