In The News 7/18/12


Facebook Falls as Use on Social Site Drops » businessweek

Frank Ocean Debuts High On Charts » rapradar

Nas’ ‘Life is Good’: What the Critics are Saying » hollywoodreporter

Jeremy Lin headed to Houston as Knicks don’t match offer » usatoday

Nas Wanted Jay-Z & Eminem On “Daughters” Remix » complex

Rapper Crooked I Says Death Row Still Owes Him $1 Million » hiphopdx

Kris Humphries mocks Kanye on Twitter after re-signing with Nets » thegrio

Boy Scouts to Continue Excluding Gay People » nytimes

Syrian Rebels Use YouTube, Facebook for Weapons Training » wired

Rappers Laughing: An Analysis » grantland

How Lakers, Kobe Bryant handle retirement could be tricky » latimes


3 comments on “In The News 7/18/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    NaS’ Life Is Good is DOPE! Dude still got it. I bought my copy last night. I hope his sales are a honest reflection of how dope it is.

    The Knicks are crazy for letting Jeremy Lin go to Houston. After spending big bread on everyone else I guess they couldn’t afford to keep the firestarter that help them get into the playoffs last year.

    I’m glad that Kris Humphries has something to laugh about at the whole Kim K ordeal. Do it has been a laughing stock ever since their separation. Still I can’t feel sorry for him because even before this big deal he was making more money than I probably ever see.

    Crooked I is probably far from the only person to Death Row owes a lot of money too. I’m glad that he was able to leave that label unscathed and find another place where he can earn big Dollars.

    Eminem would have been a perfect rapper to have spit a verse on the Daughters remix with NaS, but I understand his reasoning for not wanting to touch that subject again.


  2. Gonna be awkard at the game when Kim and Kanye are courtside with Jay and Bey cheering Kim’s ex on.

    I am going thru a breakup so Bye Baby is right on time thanks NAS.

    I wish they would quit calling it Death Row no Suge not Death Row.

    I am a Laker fan. I hope Kobe walks away at the end of the contract. End of his era, otherwise it will be messy.

    Smart move Knicks. Houston just wants to continue the YAO MING china connection. They are the most popular team there.


  3. DV says:

    Intresting that Nas has the number 1 album out (which is great by the way) but all people talk about is the nuber 2 album.

    Nas should get Common on the Daughters remix. Cant wait till Nas.Com comes out.

    Knicks played a game of chicken with Lin and lost. They shouldve been the first team to put a offer on the table. Lin’ s little hotstreak is the reason the Knicks got to renew their TV contract and sell out home games. Now Lin will get the chance to showcase himself, sell jerseys and sellout home games for a team that wont make the playoffs (unless they somehow land Howard) for atleast 2-3 years.


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