In The News 7/26/12


Rapper Gunplay Explains Meaning Behind Swastika Tattoo » hiphopdx

Colorado suspect described massacre in notebook » latimes

President Barack Obama addresses education, gun violence » thegrio

Skydiver Leaps from 18 Miles Up in ‘Space Jump’ Practice » space

Medical Marijuana: Buyers Remorse in California Reaches New Heights » huffingtonpost

Racist Comments Cost Greek Athlete Olympic Glory »

Detroit Rapper Trick Trick Denies Robbing Rick Ross’ Tour Bus » xxlmag

Universal Laws at the Olympics and Predictions for 2012 » wired

Lupe Fiasco Not A Fan Of 2Chainz And Yeezy’s “Birthday Song” » allhiphop

New super slim PS3 poised to shake the market » slashgear

Ice-T Bashes Rush Limbaugh On Twitter, Calls Him Racist » hiphopdx


2 comments on “In The News 7/26/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    I didn’t expect Gunplay’s response to be bright or insightful, but as low as I set the bar, he still managed to find a way to slink beneath it. That is a real talent.

    The track chick who gave up her bid for Olympic glory to tweet some bad jokes is dumb as hell. You tweet that shit and expect people to hustler that shit ride? She should’ve known better, even if it’s how she really felt. She’ll instead watch the games (and potential endorsement dollars) go on w/o her. That’s what I call a bought lesson.

    Lupe’s opinion on Kanye & 2 Chain’s Birthday Song borders on what I thought of the shite that was his last album. I hope he brings it on this Food & Liquor 2


  2. Tony Grands says:


    The fact that he used the word “nigga” so many times in an interview about a swatstika tattoo on his neck just shows that history is pointless & the future is bleak. No Memphis. I was rooting for him too, but what I learned is you can’t expect much from a guy who’ll do cocaine on camera.


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