In The News 7/27/12


10 key NBA games for the 2012-2013 season » usatoday

Eve Talks Lack of Unity Among Female Rappers » bet

Pill prevents HIV, but Truvada is costly, brings own risks » sacbee

No API For You: Twitter Shuts Off “Find Friends” Feature For Instagram » techcrunch

Double vision: How our brains see men as people and women as body parts » dailymail

Skype is not helping the feds spy on its users, it says » cnet

IRS Auction Of Young Buck’s Possessions Earns $53,000 » hiphopdx

Katherine Jackson laughs at stroke report, lawyer says » cnn

Why Shooting Games Make Your Brain Happy » wired

Nas Explains How He Went From ‘Life’s A Bitch’ To ‘Life Is Good’ » mtv

How summer thunderstorms could be punching new holes in the ozone layer » csmonitor


One comment on “In The News 7/27/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    I’m ready to see my Hornets hit the world w/shock & awe. Champions, baby! (a brotha can dream, right?)

    If everyone can recall, I called that this life is good was going to be classic. Yep…I am a genius.


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