In The News 7/31/12


Lupe Fiasco: President Obama is a Baby Killer
» newsone

Jackson Family Members Officially Blocked From Katherine Jackson’s Compound » theurbandaily

NBC London Olympics coverage sets records despite angry tweets » latimes

Meet the Man Who Put the ‘@’ in Your E-Mail » wired

Obie Trice Expands On Damaging Shady Records Situations, Upcoming Warren G Collaboration » hiphopdx

Why and how black businesses should improve customer service » thegrio

Apple Not in Talks to Invest in Twitter » forbes

Havoc Addresses Prodigy Diss Record, His Cousin’s Allegations » hiphopdx

Modern culture emerged in Africa 20000 years earlier than thought » yahoo

Why There’ll Never Be Another PE: What Really Happened to “Real” Hip-Hop? » allhiphop

NY woman sentenced for kidnapping, raising baby » wsj


2 comments on “In The News 7/31/12

  1. realnagan says:

    PE’s new album is awesome…. fuck all promotion and talk about it on the ‘nets . makes me sad really

    Obama a baby killer… yeah Lupe i agree, but guessing Lupe still rocks shit made in 3rd world conditions and shit. Like Romney is gonna be an answer. Western political parties are owned by corps basically


  2. markdub7 says:

    Lupe has an incredible ability to say shit that will make him lose fans despite his immense intelligence and talent. Many times he comes off as contrarian and smug; like he has to have an opposing view to show you just how much smarter than the rest of us he really is.


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