In The News 8/3/12

Really? Olympic Gymnast Gabrielle Douglas Gets Twitter Hate Over Hair » newsone

Chavis Carter case: police chief admits alleged shooting scenario ‘defies logic’ » thegrio

The Combat Jack Show Interviews Havoc (of Mobb Deep) » thecombatjackshow

Facebook has more than 83 million illegitimate accounts » bbc

Torae Talks Losing Vision In Left Eye, Gun Violence In The Projects » theurbandaily

Mom’s genes may explain why women outlive men » foxnews

Lupe Fiasco and the hip-hop rebel’s emotional breakdown » washingtonpost

7 Things Stevie J. Actually Did Before ‘Love and Hip Hop ATL’ » vibe

Freeway Ricky Ross Ordered To Pay Rapper Rick Ross’ $500K » allhiphop

That Total Recall Remake? Forget About It » wired

Is Beanie Sigel On The Verge Of Homelessness? » allhiphop


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