From Donuts To Carats: 5 Reasons Why Your Favorite MC’s Favorite Rapper Is Probably Rick Ross


Words by Tony Grands

There’s no denying the fact that Rick Ross is running the rap game right now. In fact, his streak is becoming more impressive with each summer he heats up. (This year included, whether you agree or not.)

With the help of his MMG family (mostly just Meek, though), there’s really no reason why his current run of successfully delivered music should stop anytime soon.

Long gone are the days when people would discuss & debate 50 Cent & Rick Ross The Rapper in the same breath. A few years ago, however, all Hip Hop wanted to talk about was the war waging between the two cultural behemoths. When the smoke finally cleared, Ross’ music spoke louder than Fif’s actions (as heinous as they may have been), & instead of harping on the bullshit, Rick pushed forward & began churning out fantasy rap music of the most exquisite variety.

What we have now is a man who’s success in rap music was literally forged from the fact that he never stopped making songs that people seem to like. Even audacious songs like “BMF” & “Hustlin'” finally grew on people, so much so that the his haters & detractors are fewer & farther between than they were only a year ago.

Ross has built a solid fan base & grown a healthy catalog from mediocre beginnings, & there’s no reason not to like his music by now. Besides, all the cop hate & peace officer slander has dried up like blood stains on ghetto sidewalks. If you don’t like Nightstick Rick Ross the Rapper, your favorite rapper probably does. & if he does, here are five reasons why he might…

He’s Hypnotizing You, One Song At A Time
Ross is on more songs than I can shake a take home bag of Red Lobster biscuits at. He’s mastered the art of making you think you need him in your life, like Steve Jobs. Between actual albums & mixtapes & appearances, it’s hard to escape this guy. He’s even been on numerous R&B songs, doing his best Isaac Hayes impersonation. It’s no coincidence that we hear his voice everywhere from the radio to cable stations to the internet & all things in between.

Makes Crime Life Sound Fun
Rick Ross sells cocaine, according to his music. In the beginning, we shook our proverbial fists at his fictitious rap songs, but once he helped us realize we need him, we’ve come to enjoy the ridiculous tales he tells of endless drug money, luxury living, lascivious passion, & gun play. Shout out to Gunplay.

[Tony’s Note: I’m pretty sure Ross is telling the truth about how much money he spends these days, I’m just pretty sure it’s not from pushing weight.]

Everybody Loves The Fat Guy
There’s a reason that Homer Simpson & Peter Griffin aren’t drawn with studly bodies & bulging muscles. Because everybody loves “the fat guy.” Rap music has a “one fat guy at a time” rule it seems, & for the moment, Ross seems to be him. Fat Joe had the crown for a while, but he got healthy & Ross easily scooped it up (with labored breathing) because his girth is like that of a gaudy, overweight teddy bear. No matter how frightening his grandiose tattoos & lumberjack beard may be, he still looks like a teddy bear.

His Confidence Level
I think a lot of rappers have low self esteem. The lower, the more offensive the music, but it’s just an observation. Nevertheless, Ross exudes a confidence that has to be admirable to the people in a similar position. 50 Cent hammered away at his life, & the Hip Hop community at large followed suit, but somehow he outlasted the hate, which was sometimes seething & unforgivably disrespectful. Nowadays, Rick Ross is the cat everybody wants a song with.

Great Ear For Music
One can’t ignore Rick Ross’ ability to make a hit record. That begins with the producer. Without the proper production, Ross would still be stuck in a trap rapper’s audio augmented obscurity. These days, he has some of the best producers in the game right now at his literal disposal. Hand picked. That makes all the difference in the world. Over the past 3 or so years, his technical rapping his improved greatly also, which is possibly a nod to his beat selection further helping to push him to the limit, so to speak.

Stop frontin’ on Ross, y’all, before it’s too late…

Words by Tony Grands


2 comments on “From Donuts To Carats: 5 Reasons Why Your Favorite MC’s Favorite Rapper Is Probably Rick Ross

  1. markdub7 says:

    Fantasy rap songs. That is hilarious because it is so true! The very last paragraph is honestly why Rick Ross keeps winning. His production is some of the hottest in the game, and his lyricism has grown exponentially. It’s almost as if he has someone else writing for him sometimes…


  2. DV says:

    Chedder Bay Biscuits are the bizness BTW

    To tell the truth I have honestly never heard a full Rick Ross album. Just the songs on the radio and the ones that the internet goes crazy over. Ross does make good music (from what i have listened too), cant front on that. I guess its like whenever he drops a album someone I already like just did as well. In this recent case it was Nas. One day ill get around to it.


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