In The News 8/7/12

Weezy quits Hip-Hop to skate » espn

Think You’re Gay? It Shows in Your Eyes » abcnews

Wisconsin Killer Fed and Was Fueled by Hate-Driven Music » ndtv

Mitt Romney suspiciously gets 116K Twitter followers in one day » cnet

Rapper Young Buck Begins Serving 18 Months In Prison For Gun Possession » hiphopdx

3-D printer gives use of arms to 4-year-old » cbsnews

Aaliyah Fans Upset By Drake Helming Project, Lash Out On Twitter » allhiphop

Seattle Rapper Macklemore Talks Growing Up Catholic With Gay Uncles » fuse

Why aren’t hoarders bothered by all that junk? Scientists find a clue » nbcnews

Ted Nugent: ‘Obama represents everything bad about humanity’ » huffingtonpost

India set to launch Mars mission in 2013 » nydailynews


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