In The News 8/8/12


Romney confuses ‘Sikh’ with ‘sheik’ » washingtonpost

The Most Racist Album In Hip-Hop History » theatlantic

Aaliyah posthumous album: Late singer’s famliy does not support Drake project » thegrio

From Pine Ridge to preacher pedophilia, Lupe Fiasco album aims to incite » cnn

Appeals Court OKs Warrantless Wiretapping » wired

Apple Is Banishing Google From iOS 6: 10 Reasons Why » eweek

Loughner Won’t Face Execution on U.S. Charges After Guilty Plea » sfgate

Kanye West Says Believe The Hype, “I Wrote ‘Perfect B*tch’ About Kim” » sohh

Cuomo announces bath-salts crackdown » nypost

Disturbing Signal That Bad US Climate Stance Is About to Get Worse » huffingtonpost

The Powerless Pen: Why Hip-Hop Journalism Sucks » ballerstatus


4 comments on “In The News 8/8/12

  1. realnagan says:

    1. Romney is a fucking tool nuff said
    2. Death Certificate is pretty bloody racist , along with a lot of the albums i loved during that period. Just loved the music, never mind white folk like me were being called devil every 3 lines.
    4 Lupe while sometimes his beats aren’t to my taste, is an artist i fucks with. he puts out music that isn’t the typical mainstream get money etc blah blah blah. Bonus internets points for showing real emotion on that MTV vid a coupla weeks back. Music that makes you think is the stuff i crave
    10 The Western world will get it’s comeuppance sooner rather than later. get money rape the earth shit, is gonna put the world in peril. History is doomed to repeat itself. indigenous cultures in america and australia learnt that lesson thousands of years ago


  2. Loki says:


    I think its us westerners responsibility to be a big part of the comeuppance


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