In The News 8/9/12


Harry Belafonte: Jay-Z, Beyoncé ‘have turned their back on social responsibility’ » thegrio

Did Frank Ocean Diss His Fans? » allhiphop

Comedian/Actor Aziz Ansari’s Face Reinvents Hip-Hop Album Covers » mtv

Drake Speaks On Aaliyah Album » rapradar

Name-calling permeates presidential campaigns » msnbc

Toronto police believe Wordstarhiphop video of man urinating on person on the street is real » nationalpost

Papa Johns Blames Obamacare for Price Increase » vibe

Microsoft, NYPD Partner to Build Counterterrorism System » eweek

Google Goes After Siri » wired

Gabby Speaks On Difficult Childhood: “My Father Wasn’t In The Picture” » newsone

Do you want even more radiation coming from your cell phone? » cnycentral


One comment on “In The News 8/9/12

  1. Loki says:

    Jay and bey have got to step it up, in the 90s it woulda been ok to sit back and watch the paper stack, but damn this is the time to start stirring shit up.


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