In The News 8/13/12


5 Drugs That Have Hip-Hop Breaking Bad » theroot

Did Chief Keef Talk Slick About Kanye West? » allhiphop

Kim Kardashian Is Called ‘Bitch’ & ‘Trash’ By Two A-List Rappers In Same Week » allvoices

Want to report a crime? Well, politician says, there’s an app for that » nydailynews

Chad Johnson dropped by the Miami Dolphins » thegrio

Lost Egyptian Pyramids Found? » discovery

Police: Chavis Carter, While Handcuffed, Shot Himself In The Head » newsone

CJ the Chimp Escapes Into Neighborhood Again » abcnews

Anti-Obama group publishes personal info of president’s celebrity donors » thegrio

Evidence of Flowing Water on Mars Piques Interest of Biologists » msnbc

Solar Flares to be at Peak in 2013 » space


One comment on “In The News 8/13/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    Cheif Keef says Ye’ didn’t do shit for him, but it was Ye’s cosign that helped raise the temp on his heat and got majors looking. SMH @ biting a hand that feeds you.

    DAMN IT, OCHO CINCO! How you gon headbutt your wife & lose your job? DAMN! SMH!

    I’m still buggin at how ridiculous those cops who MURDERED Chavis Carter are for perpetuating their cover up by saying dude shot himself in the head WHILE CUFFED. There are so many holes in their story that there’s just no way that it’s feasible. I know their chief must feel really stupid trying to defend their inept asses. I’m just waiting to see if the FBI is going to get to the bottom of the matter and if some arrests for murder will be made in this poor boy’s case.

    Flowing water on the surface of Mars could prove the likeliness that it could support some form of life. Some fascinating stuff….even if the life is some bacteria that could survive extreme-cold. That would answer the ages-old question of whether or not we’re alone in the universe.


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