In The News 8/14/12


N.W.A Movie Begins Filming » rapradar

Missy Elliott & Timbaland Decline Work On Aaliyah’s Album » hiphopdx

Miami Dolphins Drop Chad Johnson » vibe

The 10 Best Smartphones Under $100 Right Now » complex

‘Monstrous’ 17-foot python discovered in Florida Everglades carrying 87 eggs » msnbc

Producers want Nicholas Cage and Clint Eastwood for Expendables 3 » nymag

Officials Defend Fatal Shooting of a Knife-Wielding Man Near Times Sq. » nytimes

Beachgoers in Orange County startled by remote-controlled alligator in water » abc7

Is Odd Future Responsible For Setting a Fire in Cali? » allhiphop

Toronto rapper K’naan to publish children’s picture book on his life » vancouversun

Mom Allegedly Caught Drunk Driving With 8 Kids En Route To Bar » newsone


One comment on “In The News 8/14/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    Finally filming the NWA film. Does anyone know if Eazy’s kid or Cube’s son playing their respective paw’s in the movie?

    How Timbaland & Missy gon fuss about not being on the album, only to not want to be on the album anyway?

    That was a big damn snake. People get them as pets and when they can no longer maintain them, set them free in the wild. Not cool


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