NBA Report: The Legend Of Coach Popovich


Words by Phlip

Look, I have been saying for 3 seasons now that the Spurs were on the wrong side of a recently-closed championship window…

For 3 seasons now, Gregg Popovich whips his troops – sometimes a Motley Crew to say the least – into shape at the right time and they are legitimately contenders to come out of the Western Conference.

Part of me wants to go on about what they have(‘nt) done this offseason to maintain or gain from their position of last season. The override comes in that it was no fault of their own that they did not go any further than they did in the first place. They were uninvited guests at the party in how they swept the playoffs before falling victim to the simple fact that OKC was “arriving.” With that in mind, they are in the enviable position to hold pat and come back at a similarly unchanged OKC team equipped with a coach who we can consider it “criminal” not to have more than only one Coach of the Year award on his resume.

The Spurs retained Tim Duncan for his farewell tour after he (by his own admission, jokingly) considered testing the free agent waters. Tony Parker should be fully recovered from his injury sustained during a fight between Drake and Chris Brown (which I personally believe included a lot of slapping and womens’-tennis-style grunts), DeJuan Blair will continue to overachieve from a position he is entirely too small for with no , and Manu Ginobili and Stephen Jackson will continue to be Manu and Stephen for better or worse, but mostly for better. As ever with San Antonio squads, there will be a collection of names we only barely know that give huge contributions in spite of their lack of notoriety. I say that to say that Popovich is a MASTER at getting starter-level contributions out of players who’d be best served as 6th-man on nearly any other team in the NBA.

Next we’re supposed to remember that San Antonio is one of those “small market” teams whose delicate profitability the lockout was supposed to be protecting?
FACT: the number one means to profitability for any team – small or major market – in professional sports is simply winning. San Antonio embodies this in that the only time they really hurt for wins between 1990 and now was when David Robinson got hurt and missed 76 games and Sean Elliot missed 43 and the ghost of Dominique Wilkins could not carry the team.

Then Gregg Popovich controversially fired Bob Hill, hired himself as Head Coach in his place. 7 months later, Tim Duncan was brought into the fold and the rest, as they say, is Hall-of-Fame history.

I know what this seems like; I am crediting the guy running the show with the continued success of the organization from the moment he took the reins. This is one of those cases where all is exactly as it seems. Popovich was GM and VP of Basketball Operations at the same time from 94 until 96, when he dropped the VP from his name and added Head Coach in its place. He was STILL GM and Head Coach at the same time until 2002. I am of the opinion that the GM of this team is fully by committee and that the 63 year-old coach will have the job for as long as he chooses to keep it.
He leaves a wake very similar to Bill Parcells in the NFL. I say that to say that his former assistants (and former Point Guards as well) go on to coach well in the NBA themselves.

So yeah… as long as Gregg Popovich draws breath and calls shots in San Antonio, expect them to be a lock for the second round of the playoffs in that season.

Words by Phlip


4 comments on “NBA Report: The Legend Of Coach Popovich

  1. Loki says:

    Pop is a genius, couple years ago when they finished at the top of the west then got kicked out of the playoffs early might have been one of his only mistakes.


  2. markdub7 says:

    You smashed another one out of the park. Pop should go down as one of the greatest coaches in this game. He wins with a team full of overachievers and a big man who may be the greatest to ever play at his position. Salute Tim Duncan.


  3. DV says:

    They been trying to get rid of Blair since the trade deadline last year. Nobody wants him if they have to give up something to get him. I think the Spurs cut him this offseason. He found his way into Pops doghouse and never worked his way out and Boris Diaw took his spot. Pops being the smart man he is has “redesigned” the Spurs to a “running team” to keep up with the faster league. Unfortunetly its not gonna be enough. They pose a serious threat to all teams not named the Lakers or Heat and thats the dilemma.


    • Phlip says:

      No one wants DeJuan Blair because he is a 6’7″ center with no anterior cruciate ligaments.
      As for his performance; if he is in Pop’s doghouse it HAS to be personal or at least on a personal level as I STILL believe he gets up and plays more for Popovich than anyone else could beg for from him. Boris Diaw got his spot because he can shoot and stretch the floor.
      I do agree that he re-created the team to run with the rest of the league, where they had previously grinded everyone else out. I further agree that the Lakers and Heat have, with money, proven that the lockout was total bullshit by showing that the teams with the money win big.


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