NBA Report: Michael & (The) Bob(cats)


Words by Phlip

I am going to be up front here… The Bobcats suck, the Bobcats sucked last season, will suck this season and will continue to suck for the balance of Michael Jordan’s ownership of the franchise, or until the league contracts and dissolves the team, whichever should so happen to take place first.

Now for this series of posts, I have dwelled on teams that were/will be in the playoffs or those with some other reason to have expressed interest in to the casual fan. In the typing of the 93 words before THIS one, I was sure that I was going to deviate from this as there is honestly little to nothing redeemingly interesting about the Charlotte Bobcats to even net them a spot on the local news even where I live, and I can drive to games in an hour.

If the season started tomorrow, the Bobcats would start Kemba Walker, Ben Gordon, Gerald Henderson, Bismack Biyombo and Brendan Heywood. Count with me now; a second year player returning from the worst team in NBA history, a dude who has been STEALING money from his former team, Gerald Henderson, an international player who is still younger than most rookies and a guy recently claimed off of Amnesty Waivers. To those keeping score at home, that leaves us approximately two people, Walker and Henderson, who I cannot exactly say anything bad about.

I REFUSE to believe anything suggesting that Michael Jordan doesn’t make more as an employee of Nike than he does as the boss of the Charlotte Bobcats. Technically (well, in my mind), that counts as moonlighting, an offense for which he should be fired as owner of the Bobcats.

How bad is it, really?

Well, at the end of the season, they offered Bobcats’ season tickets on a promotion where you buy one season and get the next for free. Prices were $537.50 for corner seats, and $752.50 for upper level center court.
I’d thought about actually partaking, as a means of keeping the Lakers and Cripples tickets for the wife (she is a Lakers fan too) and I, then selling ALL 40 of the remaining ones to recoup my funds. Then I did the math… $752.50 + 6.5% NC sales tax = $801.41, times two (the wife and I, and we do NOT do upper-level corner seats). We’d plan to keep two of 42 game tickets each, so we would have 40 tickets to sell. To recoup, I would have to guarantee the sale of the tickets at an average of $20.00 each, and when selling tickets to games of a team that only seated an average of under 15k people a game, that is a tall task. Now there remains the idea of charging MORE for the visits each every season of the higher profile teams, but (1) I might want to go to those, and (2) even THOSE games are usually under a local blackout for me, suggesting a difficulty in getting the tickets off. It is a crying shame that I cannot convince myself on the possibility of selling tickets to a sporting event for roughly half of face value.
[Phlip note – currently shows tickets in the sections being sold in the season ticket packages for $5-$9 at current, I can’t imagine this number going up as the losses begin to pile]

For the Charlotte RobertCats, this season is not slated to get much better than last. Yes, they have added an actual Center (who happens to now be playing an hour from here in his home city) in Brendan Haywood, but he is also 33 years of age and was not effective enough in his former position to avoid being cut. The only thing saving them at the PG position is Kemba Walker and his upside, but the fact remains that if he gets good and the team doesn’t, then he is likely looking for the door at the end of 2 more seasons. The long-and-short is that they have made some moves to be better, but haven’t even BEGUN to make moves to be any good.

To be honest, I cannot say that I see this Michael Jordan “pet project” thing lasting much longer in Charlotte, not the way he claims the team is hemorrhaging cash at a rate he has likely not experienced since Juanita took him to the cleaners in 2006.

Oh well, I was established as not being a fan of the guy years ago, so I am cool with that.

Words by Phlip


3 comments on “NBA Report: Michael & (The) Bob(cats)

  1. DV says:

    Who did they hire as coach again? Yeah great job Mike. I know the GM Richard Cho gotta be frustrated as fuck.


    • Phlip says:

      Some cat named Mike Dunlap, a dude who has made a career of being an assistant for various colleges and one 2-year stint as assistant for the Denver Nuggets.


  2. markdub7 says:

    Loved MJ as a player; loathe him as a GM. He has caused a team that made the playoffs a few years ago to self-destruct. if only he was as shrewd a businessman with the team as he is with his Nike dealings.


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