Why You Should Stop Hating Wiz Khalifa


Words by Jayy Ghost

Wiz Khalifa had heads spinning like Linda Blair’s once they finally caught wind of the album cover for his O.N.F.I.C.

I know a lot of brothers won’t agree when I say this, but I really didn’t have a problem the cover art. I think the biggest problem people have with his new steez is that its just that, new. Although his music hasn’t changed significantly from his 2010 mixtape Kush And Orange Juice, Wiz’s appearance itself did a complete 180 degree turn on its fan base. I do feel his demographic grew with him as well, making his new found imagery acceptable for them, but even still, a true fan would start to think that Wiz became a victim of “The Invasion Of The Body Snatchers!”

Lets face it, Wiz’s material was never on the level of a Illmatic or anything close. The only time you will really see Wiz go bar for bar with dope lyrical content is when he collaborates with his homie and fellow Hip Hop artist Curren$y. However, Wiz’s lane was never derived from strong lyrical content to begin with. I’m not saying Wiz isn’t a hot artist, he’s just not a lyricist b!

We all know that recently rappers have been dunking their chocolate cookies in plenty of milk. With the likes of Kanye, Wiz, and ASAP Rocky it almost seems expected for a young Hip Hop artists to be cuffing a white girl on his arm. I personally don’t care about race and encourage people to find love no matter what the obstacle is. Finding a common bond between two people because of culture, sexual orientation, or personality. It shouldn’t be based upon race. People will find a way to hate no matter what, so do what makes you happy. They hated on Nas and Kelis’ marriage. You think that stopped them? Well…even though they failed, so do most relationships. I say “Get ya own, pimpin’!” & apparently, young khalifa man already got that memo!

Although we are making progress, society has always had a major issue with interracial dating. Nevertheless, I’m pretty sure Khalifa’s girlfriend (and rumored baby mother) Amber Rose turned him out, though! And think about it, with a swag like hers and Wiz’s still fully-untapped potential, a makeover was bound to happen! All jokes aside, I did notice that around the time he started dating Amber was when we saw the drastic change in his fashion sense. That was also when he got that signature lightning bolt in his hair! Coincidence? Does that hair streak give him superpowers? Maybe. But honestly, in the end, his music is what his talent is based on. Not by what size pants he wears or if uses Crayola markers for his highlights…

In past projects, Wiz slayed cats with numerous mixtapes and independent albums. Still, his last album Rolling Papers was a failure in terms of subject matter. Yes, if it wasn’t #2 on the US billboard 200, he may not be where he is now, success-wise. And K.A.O.J was a big contribution to his current fame. Be that as it may, Khalifa managed to redeem himself and reassure fans that his light bulb isn’t done shining brightly just yet. Taylor Allderdice, Wiz’s latest mixtape might as well have been an Olympic High dive. Swimming effortlessly and all, unlike the seemingly forced records on “Rolling Papers.”

Regardless, the demand for Wiz seems to be at a all time high (pun intended). With a highly anticipated album on the way and successful crossover appeal Wiz is winning right now. Holding down the Taylor Gang family and introducing new acts such as Earlly Mac, Neako, Chevy Woods and the already known Juicy J to Taylor brand, people should expect a fierce young movement for the party scene. When it comes to dope emceeing, I bump Kendrick Lamar. But when I want that bugged out, trippy mane flow, I put on Wiz. So take my word for it; put on that Taylor Allerdice, roll some of that Sour Grape and enter the mind that is..Young Khalifa Man.

Words by Jayy Ghost


9 comments on “Why You Should Stop Hating Wiz Khalifa

  1. It’s hard to take this article seriously if you couldn’t even spell Curren$y’s name right in the third paragraph


  2. Phlip says:

    Does it still count as hate if I only stopped long enough to notice “damn, that boy got on women’s clothes… look, you can see his uterus” and then resumed ignoring him?


  3. markdub7 says:

    I have not yet heard a Wiz Khalifa song that just jumped out at me. However, I don’t hate on him, or his girl. I applaud his success.


  4. Tony Grands says:

    Whenever I see blonde streaks, I wonder how Kwame feels. If Eiht owns “geah,” that streak is Kwame’s.


  5. Popblerd says:

    Wait…Amber Rose isn’t a sista?


  6. jayyghost says:

    @Catf1sh I feel u on that, it was a typo on my part. I’ve been rockin wit CURREN$Y(No shots) since he did the freestyle of Dead Presidents. However, I don’t expect people to agree with this article since theres so many people that don’t understand Wiz. Tho I respect ur opinion..


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