In The News 8/22/12


Wiz Khalifa Responds To Album Cover Backlash » theurbandaily

Wired 25: The 25 Best Songs Of The 2012 Summer » hiphopwired

Former Presidential Candidate Huckabee Claims “‘Forcible Rapes Create ‘Extraordinary’ People” » bossip

Young Jeezy’s Business Partner Sues Jeezy/Def Jam For $5 Million In Unpaid Profits » hiphopdx

Does It Matter Why Women Have Abortions? » thenation

Toure Dishes On Spike Lee, Tyler Perry & Prince » hellobeautiful

How Sex and the Female Brain are Connected » medicalnewstoday

Paul Ryan had a black college sweetheart » thegrio

Lil Wayne Says “Flat Out, I Don’t Like New York” » complex

Man arrested for e-mailing threats against Obama » cnn

Kanye West To Judge “American Idol”? » okmagazine


3 comments on “In The News 8/22/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    Wiz knew that suspect cover would draw a lot of publicity, both negative and positive. I wouldn’t be shocked if this is the album that moves
    the most units.

    Mike Huckabee stripped himself of any mail of perspective ability that I felt he wants head with these stupid comments. so “forcible rape” is acceptable now b/c it makes good people? GTFOHWTBS!

    Touré may step on some toes, but the brother is one of our most bright, eloquent, & provocative voices. I hope that he keeps expressing himself honestly.

    So what Paul Ryan once dated a black woman. How many white guys do you know that haven’t ever been curious about a taste of brown sugar? He still has a horrible civil rights record and don’t care about poor people. Eff him.


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