In The News 8/23/12


‘Who’s your daddy?’ truck sells DNA tests on the streets of NYC » thegrio

Rick Santorum Explains How Mitt Romney Will Lose Presidential Bid » hiphopwired

Lil Wayne Criticizes Verse On 2 Chainz LP » rapradar

Police Did Not Conduct Gun Residue Test In Alleged Suicide Of Chavis Carter » hiphopwired

‘Grand Theft Auto V’ takes a flying leap with skydiving » nbcnews

Snub to City By Lil Wayne Outrages An Official » nytimes

New Ebola Outbreak in Congo Has Killed 10 » atlantablackstar

Rapper LL Cool J nabs intruder at Los Angeles home » yahoo

Grandmother, Mom Suffocate Baby To Death While Hiding From Cops During House Search » newsone

Mannie Fresh Says “What Happened To The East Coast Sound?” » allhiphop

‘Talking cars’ tested in Michigan to cut road accidents » bbc


3 comments on “In The News 8/23/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    I know a cat who could benefit from that Who’s Your Daddy Truck right now. Dude has a new kid and 3 possibles on the way. Sounds like a bad hand in Spades.

    I still can’t take Santorum seriously. Google his name, cue tears of laughter.

    Finally Wayne and I agree on something. His verse on that song does suck mightily.


    • Capital G says:

      Bless you MDub! I don’t think I’ve ever read a comment you dropped and disagreed. A lot sounds like you’re a bitter hater but I prefer to call you an unmitigated realist. Bravo brother.


      • markdub7 says:

        I appreciate that, Cap, but I am a hater. I embrace my shit. I can honestly say that I loathe seeing dude win b/c he’s such a loser. Maybe I am bitter, but fux it. I owns my shit. Lol


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