In The News 8/24/12


Busta Rhymes Empathizes With Lil Wayne’s Dislike For New York |hiphopwired

Rodney King’s Autopsy Report: Drugs In His System When He ‘Accidentally Drowned’ |cnn

Porn Star Mr. Marcus Admits Starting Syphilis Scare, Altering Test Results |huffingtonpost

Judge Warns Of ‘Civil War’ If President Obama Retains Office |cnn

Rapper Memphis Bleek Talks Jay, Money, & Durags on “The Combat Jack Show” |pleasedontstare

Rapper Xzibit Returns To Rap Music This Fall |vibe

LL Cool J Getting Back To His Roots On New Album |rapfix

Lil Wayne Laughs At Drake Vs. Chris Brown Fight |theurbandaily

We Don’t Know Where The Lovable Kat Stacks Has Been, But We Have An Idea Where She’s Going |miaminewtimes

Homeless Man Charged In LL Cool J Home Invasion |newsone

Flo Rida Best-Selling Rapper Of The Digital Age? |mtv


3 comments on “In The News 8/24/12

  1. Capital G says:

    Fuck Busta! How about call it what it is. Wayne had an unloaded paperweight (what good is a gun with no bullets? Should’ve just had a baseball bat) that he got caught with and cried over having to pay the price. Fact is, in NY if you get caught with a burner that’s a mandatory 3 and half years, ask Prodigy. So Lil Wang got off light. Fuck all of Cash Money while I’m hating, except Slim who never says anything.


    • markdub7 says:

      Damn Cap! Tell them how you really feel! Lol! Wayne is a clown that got off light. I felt no sympathy for his sorry ass.

      Rodney King spent a significant portion of his life battling drugs, so it comes as no surprise that there were drugs detected in his system by the autopsy. Maybe now, the man can finally rest in peace.

      Mr. Marcus really screwed up (as usual, hon always intended). He might’ve put the nails in the coffin of his own career.


  2. DV says:

    Busta is a fucking conformist. I guess hes just being a good employee. I wonder if Wayne really knows what he has done. Not only is he gonna catch heat from locals who took offense he also will get extra “love” from NYPD when he comes through. Plus he may have lost a lot of fans out there.

    Mr.Marcus has really fucked up. Personally i think he should be arrested for altering medical documents and spreading disease. Not only does that negatively effect the adult entertainment industry he should be facing some lawsuits.

    Why is LL doing another album? He shouldve hung it up after DEFinition. Ironically the homeless guy who got the beats handed to him is no longer homeless because hes going to the big house for life.


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