In The News 8/28/12


Nasa likens Mars rover to Neil Armstrong lunar landmark » telegraph

Lebron James Is Open To The Idea of A Space Jam Sequel » usatoday

The 13 Biggest Hip Hop Conspiracy Theories » illuminati

During 911 Call (NSFW) » huffingtonpost

Kendrick Lamar Has No Plans To Vote In Near Future » mtv

Man trying to create bigfoot sighting killed in Montana » foxnews

Lil’ Wayne Finally Speaks Out About Drake and Chris Brown » allhiphop

‘Mind hackers’ could get secrets from your brainwaves » zdnet

Man steals phone from Ebola patient, gets infected » foxnews

Pot-Smoking Teens May Become Slower-Thinking Adults » businessweek

IBM Mainframe Evolves to Serve the Digital World » nytimes


One comment on “In The News 8/28/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    Lebron in Space Jam 2? There’s a thougt. It wouldn’t be difficult to out-act MJ. Yet another potential revenue-stream.

    I’d havre to say any deserves something as bad as Ebola for stealing a phone, but damn…ain’t karma a b!tch?


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