“Smoking Weed With The President…”


Words by Tony Grands

A guy named Richard Williams, a/k/a Prince Ea, is the president & founder of a company called Make Smart Cool. To make a complicated description simple, the company’s an aggressive, hip, socio-political brand, based on serving the needs of the people.Using various sources & methods of outreach, Prince Ea (& his crew) aims at educating the masses on whatever by whatever avenues are available. Kudos to him for trying to make a difference in such an indifferent world.

Make Smart Cool’s current project is focused on the historic recognition, upliftment, & emancipation of marijuana cannabis sativa, with the ultimate goal being it’s legalization. To set this ball in motion, Williams (as Prince Ea) has delivered a song & video called “Smoking Weed With The President,” with producer D. Scorch’d, voice actor Marlin Hill, & director Titus Prod. The video, which is really just the powerful lyrics dancing on & off of your screen, is an intimate look into marijuana’s American journey, as well as a literal plethora of weed facts. After the video, Prince Ea offers more insight into what the video really means.

If nothing else, it is edutainment, so sit back, relax, & learn a few things. Shout out to Loki, a longtime friend of RAWIFDP, for bringing this to our attention.

[photo courtesy of thcfinder.com]

Words by Tony Grands


2 comments on ““Smoking Weed With The President…”

  1. Travis says:

    Nice article and amazing song.


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