In The News 8/29/12


RNC Attendee Throws Nuts At Black CNN Camerawoman: ‘This Is How We Feed Animals’ |nydailynews

California Man Puts 14-Foot Neon Sign in His Front Yard Calling Mitt Romney a Racist |complex

Rap’s Long History of ‘Conscious’ Condescension to Women |theatlantic

RNC: The 5 strongest lines by Artur Davis against President Obama |thegrio

Top Ten Most Embarrassing Hip Hop Moments |craveonline

Smoking marijuana regularly as a teen may lower IQ scores as an adult |cbsnews

Kendrick Lamar Sticks To Voting Stance, Responds To Backlash |hiphopwired

A Lego Movie Is Happening: Movie Stars Sign Up to Play Lego Figures |gizmodo

Louisiana Teacher Fired For Displaying Students’ Offensive Obama Images |newsone

Medical condition that causes 100 orgasms a day? |allvoices

New Lawsuit Emerges From Chris Brown & Drake’s Club Brawl |hiphopdx


2 comments on “In The News 8/29/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    After the ass face at the RNC thrEW the nuts at the black anchor lady, I want the Republicans to stop pretending like they’re not the party of blatant racism in this country. What’s crazy is that there are actual black Republicans who sweep this kind of behavior right under the rug.

    As fun as it sounds that condition that causes people to have 100+ orgasms a day has got to be exhausting. Give me 2 goid ones and napping for hours.


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