In The News 8/31/12


Courts Uphold Max B’s Conviction, Will Remain In Prison Until 2042 |rapradar

Pentagon Considers Legal Action Against Bin Laden Book Author |nydailynews

Homeless People Use Facebook Just Like You and Me |gizmodo

Yahoo News Fires DC Bureau Chief For Romney Remark |newsone

Hip-Hop Community in Shock Over Chris Lighty’s Sudden Death |vibe

Eastwood, the empty chair and the speech everyone’s talking about |cnn

Beanie Sigel Discusses Issues With Def Jam & Regrets About Jay-Z |hiphopdx

Lupe Fiasco Says Fellow Chicago Rapper Chief Keef “Scares Me” |hiphopwired

Man falls to his death at Texans-Vikings game |usatoday


3 comments on “In The News 8/31/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    The fact that the Al Quaida website posted a pic of the seal responsible for the book and have made threats against his life has to be some scary isht. If he was trying to remain incognito, I’d say he hasn’t been very successful.

    I understand where Lupe is coming from. It’s sad that industry folks are embracing the likes of Chief Keefs or Boosies, recognizing nothing more than the ability to profit of of them. That shit shouldn’t get glamorized, but it will as long as it’s profitable.


  2. Consumer tastes these days control the entertainment marketplace in a manner which had beenunthinkable before the online world and the virus-like distribution of press in addition to entire entertainment material. At the time you additionally distribution on the internet, news reports internet pages, from gossip to entire films. It really is a brand-new planet. Some of it beneficial, some not.


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