NBA Report: Time Out!


Words by Phlip

I have spent the past 6 weeks profiling teams of interest as it relates to the upcoming NBA season.“Teams of interest,” as per my perspective spending days digging through information/writings/broadcasts related to my preferred sport.

I came up with 18 teams, better than half the league. In doing so, I omitted some teams that actually made the playoffs this past season. Reasons for omissions range from the probability of not making it back this season (Utah), or having made it in spite of being BORING on the whole (Indiana), among other reasons.

At the risk of being a hypocrite, I will admit that teams with bleaker outlooks (Portland) were left out because of just how bad things are and will be for them, while turning around and continuing in on teams like New Orleans and Charlotte despite the same outlook, only doing so for my own entertainment.

If your team was excoriated (or ignored) by me, know that I did so with the most earnest sense of objectivity, and the fact that I spoke well of the Miami Heat despite my distaste for them and their fans helps my cause. I would like to apologize to the eleven collective fans of Cleveland, Philly and Denver; I wanted to go on about your teams but I could not come up with 300-500 words about any one of those teams. That really sucks too, as all three teams have young (or youngish, in Denver) and very full rosters, but the lack of a clear “star” in Denver until Iguodala fell in their laps and “fresh green” nature of the others just might not end well.

I will let the remainder of the summer/fall play themselves out before coming with a pre-season post, in which we can compare what happened in the early summer to what transpired in reaction to them and discuss it from there. There is a hair over 2 months until the season starts, before teams will be held to the fire for what they did/didn’t do over the summer, so a lack of inclusion in our preseason reports will not necessarily equate to the same exclusion from being taken seriously when the season starts.

…except, of course, for the Bobcats.

We’ll be back with the NBA Report later on in the fall, folks!

Words by Phlip


2 comments on “NBA Report: Time Out!

  1. DV says:

    I just wonder how you managed to resist not doing one on the Lakers , especially after the trades.


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