Honoring Your Favorite Rapper On Labor Day


Words by Tony Grands

Nobody said it would be easy.

When your favorite rapper decided that music was his only option at success, he decided to leave behind the easy world of school, training, applications, interviews, & red-taped politrickery. He stuffed his haphazard hopes & befuddled dreams into a sack & hit the highway in search of something bigger & better.

Anybody can flip burgers, fill out clipboard paperwork, clean chimneys, or deny strangers entry into buildings. The true test of a man’s marrow is whether or not he can fend off the jagged shards of orthodox reality & create his own world. That’s what your favorite rapper did. & for all his hard work, this Labor Day, we salute him.

While other citizens attended boardroom meetings, met status quos & deadlines, & lived for the weekend, your favorite rapper was busting his ass to make every day of his life the weekend. A world where he can experiment with every drug, have massive amounts of reckless sex, & spend all the money at a moment’s notice. A veritable hustler’s paradise, if you will. Grinding is obviously hard work, & if nothing else, without your favorite rapper, lesser rappers would have no one to wage war on.

Think about all the unnecessary conflict that your favorite rapper has endured in order to continue to make songs about stealing your girl or killing you for no reason. When was the last time you showed the proper amount of appreciation? & all those times he got arrested couldn’t have been easy on him, mentally or spiritually, but he doesn’t let that stop him from getting the job done for his fans. That’s dedication, & we at R&WIFDP say, “Good looks, bruhz” from the bottom of our collective camouflage cargo pants.

Seriously, Atlanta’s Gucci Mane purchased an ice cream cone tattoo for his face & all we did – as a Hip Hop community – was crack jokes online. Not one time did I see anyone tell the brother “Thank You for your hard work, Mr. Mane.” Especially since we don’t often see that type of work ethic in the urban community. Compton squabble master The Game has gotten into roughly 200 fights during his Hip Hop career, most in the name of rap music. Something tells me that if he was working as a waiter in The Cheesecake Factory or as a shoe salesman at Nordstrom’s, he wouldn’t go that extra mile to put a smile on his customer’s faces. & do you honestly think Dr. Dre would’ve started cansecoing if it weren’t for all the job-related stress of making up defensive, barrel-rolling responses for any imminent Detox questions? No.

See, the guy that works in a cubicle has a lunch hour, couple of breaks, vacation days, & most importantly, a set schedule. Meanwhile, your favorite rapper has to do this shit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, social media & publicity stunts included. All this is done without medical & dental benefits, both of which would be a tremendous help to some of your favorite rappers, but I’m not here to judge nor talk politics.

So while you barbeque your short ribs & smoke your marijuane trees with your uncle & ’em, keep in mind the amount of energy it takes to get drunk & write songs about strippers & money for a living.

Thanks for all the hard work, favorite rapper. Enjoy your day.

Words by Tony Grands


4 comments on “Honoring Your Favorite Rapper On Labor Day

  1. markdub7 says:

    This is one funny ass post Mr. Grands…you are a GENIUS. ROFFLE MAYO


  2. DV says:

    Some rappers can afford to buy they own health and dental care. I get flyers every week from different health and dental insurers offering services for what im sure is less then what some may blow on weed or some other unneccesary want. Now i have heard that insurance companies wont insure rappers at a fair price due to the lifestyle which is understandable. The price would be hiked. So in that case that union that Suge Knight was speaking on some 10 years ago is something rappers may want to look into. The more people enrolled into a particular plan through the union would drive down premium prices and would also help out for when they get older.


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