In The News 9/3/12


NJ Police Seek Answers in Attack on Sleeping Kids |yahoo

Kanye West Ponders the Words “Nigga” and “Bitch” On Twitter |allhiphop

Paul Ryan’s Black Ex-Girlfriend Went To Prison: So What?
By Kirsten West Savali

Man stole doctor’s ID, saw 500 patients |todayonline

Hail the President’s man … rapper Jay-Z |thesun

Sniper is dead after firing on public, SWAT team |seattletimes

Evelyn Lozada Compares Alleged Head-Butting Incident To Being A Rape Victim |hiphopwired

Android will thrive, dominate iPhone |allvoices

Man Sues Sexual Supplement Company For Genital Damage |examiner

Facebook clamps down on fake “likes” |dailymail


One comment on “In The News 9/3/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    Y’know what? I struggle w/The use of n*gga too. I’ve said it far too frequently to hold anyone’s feet to the fire, but I loathe when Black folks use it in front if white folks. Some tell me that I’m being overly sensitive, but I still aint too keen on white folks using it, even as a term of endearment, so I try not to do anything to encourage them to do so. Yeezy was talking more about the word bitch, but I guess I don’t struggle with that one nearly as much because when I use it, it is very intentional and directed as opposed to casual.

    I think they threw Deneeta Pope, Paul Ryan’s ex-girlfriend, in front of the bus because she’s a self-admitted Obama supporter. How dare she once have any amount of affection for Paul Ryan, only to later vote Democrat. The media is full of shit.

    The cat the assumed the doctor’s identity is both bold and bonkers. Greed is one hekkuva motivator.


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