In The News 9/7/12


Mansharing in the 21st century |thegrio

Neil Armstrong to be buried at sea |usatoday

Five Things Black People Should Know About Mitt Romney |newsone

Jay-Z Praises Odd Future, Weighs In On President Obama |hiphopdx

Will Chris Lighty’s Death Lay Hip-Hop Feuds To Rest? |mtv

MTV VMAs Red Carpet [PHOTOS] |hiphopwired

Video game and console sales plunge 20% in August |latimes

Chuck D And Public Enemy Declined Jay-Z For Made In America |allhiphop

With ban in place, ‘bath salts’ use drops |dailyrecord

Steve Harvey Says Hip-Hop Must Stop Disrespecting Women |mtv

Bank of America bomb robbers remain at large |latimes


One comment on “In The News 9/7/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    Mitt Romney doesn’t care about black people? Who knew?

    I’m sure Chuck D, at some point, was one of Jay’s idols. To be shot down when he asked him to be part of his concert series had to be humbling…though I doubt he’d ever admit it.


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