Phillip Knight & The Legal Voter Suppression Machine


Words by Phlip

I had an idea…

If voter suppression is the means to swaying the vote to Romney, why have they not tapped one of their megabucks CEO pals to do something to distract that target market from voting in November?No, stick with me, here.

Despite being visibly neutral on the outside and his highest paid employee being a very vocal Obama supporter, Nike CEO has apparently put his funds behind Republican causes, having given to a PAC for Jon Huntsman’s (failed) bid for this year’s GOP nomination and both of Rob Cornilles’ attempted runs for congress in Oregon.

In spite of the GOP’s attempt after attempt at turning the opinions of the American voting public in their favor with colorful half-truths and some outright lies, they’re having to resort back to dirty pool to get around the fact that they’re still tanking in the polls that have mattered for the past few elections. In comes the voter suppression. While they SAY it is for “fraud prevention,” which would surely get the support of those who don’t know how infrequently voter fraud actually happens, even enough to lead to anything beyond a closed investigation that found nothing. After all, something as vaguely simple as “oh, so you SUPPORT fraud?!” is enough to get someone on your side when they just accept what they’re told.

Anyway, since it is patently illegal to be out front with suppressing female and minority voters, and the liberal media attention to the less-than out front suppression of minority votes, we find ourselves in need of a new approach. And that brings us back to our old pal Philip Hampson Knight. As a supporter of Republican causes, and as man who is worth about $15billion, he has a lot to gain by having a Republican president. If that means he has to do as he can to join the cause of suppressing votes then so be it.

Since it seems to be brown votes they want to suppress, Knight has the power in his hands to make sure that it’s brown votes they suppress. In his hands, Phil Knight holds the keys to take tens of thousands of black folks of voting age off the streets at a time, and we see it every couple or few weeks.

A new sneaker release! People – usually of color – wait in line for new Jordans, Foamposites, LeBrons and various vintage sneakers about once a month or so these days. Who’s to say that the guy running the biggest sneaker company on the planet couldn’t decide to drop a super exclusive shoe on election day to get people to go stand in line and fight one another instead of going to vote? I am thinking that a Cool Gray Foamposite or perhaps Jordan 7 in the same color – hell, BOTH – would go a long way in suppressing enough votes of people who we KNEW were going to vote for Obama for the whole of the past four years anyway.

And it happens without having to break any laws. It is a beautiful solution, no?

Words by Phlip


4 comments on “Phillip Knight & The Legal Voter Suppression Machine

  1. Loki says:

    Damn philip, you might start getting calls from the romney campaign. That really is a evil-genius idea.


  2. Tony Grands says:

    Don’t get me started on the VMAs being aired during the presidents nomination acceptance speech.

    If there is a conspiracy against Holmes being the lone shooter, then I also believe this was some sort of tactic also…


  3. Loki says:

    What I find insane is that the reason the 1% backs romney is just because its a good business investment.


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