In The News 9/10/12


FBI rolls out $1 billion facial recognition system, Next Gen ID |nydailynews

Chief Keef Denies Involvement In Murder Of Chicago Rapper Lil Jojo, Claims Twitter Account Was Hacked |hiphopdx

Chicago teachers to strike after talks fail |foxnews

Dallas Woman Killed By Boyfriend For Admitting To Having HIV |hiphopwired

Reggie Miller inducted into NBA Hall of Fame |thegrio

DMX Undisputed Documentary
Author: Big Homie

Does racial bias fuel Obama foes? Can we tell? |huffingtonpost

Obama Gets A Lift From Florida Republican |thegrio

Testosterone Marketing Frenzy Draws Skepticism |usatoday

CupChair App Lets You Take 360 Degree Pictures With Just an iPhone and a Cup |gizmodo

New Mars theory casts doubt on planet’s habitability |latimes


4 comments on “In The News 9/10/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    The facial recognition stuff sounds like how Skynet will be identifying us before they send the old roided-up buff Ahnold after us.

    I have little doubt that Chief Keef was involved in little Jojo’s death, and hope that whoever is responsible is brought to justice. This violence is EXACTLY what Lupé was talking about.

    Congrats Reggie Miller. He was one helluva marksman.

    If a Florida Republican really did anything to support him, you KNOW he’s going to ousted any minute now….3….2…1…


  2. realnagan says:

    infra red emitters fuck up the cam face recog system, DNA and shit is an other question. but yeah infra red emitters like shining a torch at the cam, can’t see shit


  3. I never heard any of that guy Keef’s music but everything I ever read about him has been negative… makes me wonder if I WANT to hear anything this dude got to say man.


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