In The News 9/17/12


Chief Keef Tweets X-Rated Picture Of Himself Engaged In A Sexual Act |hiphopdx

Chicago teachers strike to enter second week |cbsnews

Floyd Mayweather’s Ex Forgives Him For Abuse, Says “Sh-t Happens” |hiphopwired

Yahoo’s free phone offer snubs RIM’s BlackBerry |cnet

Chief Keef’s Instagram Shut Down After Sex Picture |vibe

Bride’s ‘Cold Feet’ May Predict Divorce |livescience

Apple iPhone 5 blueprint gives in-depth look at smartphone’s construction |digitaltrends

Chelsea Handler Drops Dime on 50 Cent |theurbandaily

As climate change crisis looms, presidential campaigns stay quiet |thestate

Will Obama be Jay Pharoah’s breakout role on ‘Saturday Night Live’? |thegrio

Nicki Minaj officially an ‘American Idol’ judge |newsone


One comment on “In The News 9/17/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    It’s amazing how much buzz surrounds Chief Keef & yet, I’ve only ever heard one song by dude. Thanks a lot, Kanye :-/ His shennanigans should make interscope a lotta guap.

    Floyd’s ex is no dummy. Dude made 80+ million last year. She knows where her bread is buttered. She’ll take them lumps on the head for that quap. Floyd knows no shame.

    Firstly, when did we ever think we’d see the day when somebody would air 50 Cent out? Then it’s a middle-aged white woman who he saw nekkid? HILARIOUS and yet ironic at the same damn time! Teehee!

    Jay Pharoah’s Obama will certainly be funnier than Fred Armisted’s (sp?). I expect this to be as big for him as Sarah Palin was for Tina Fey.


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