Controversy Corner: Michelle Obama Is Not The President!


Words by Phlip

I watched SOME of the Republican and Democratic National Conventions of a couple weeks ago. As much as we saw of the two major candidates, we saw the guys who would be in charge should one of those guys win, also.With both, we ALSO heard from the woman who would have her faith tested should one of those gentlemen actually take (or retain) office.

The positioning of my computer chair relative to where my television is allows me to troll peruse the social networks during the telecast of sporting events and political goings-on (debates, conventions, State of the Unions, etc.). Hell, sometimes I can get everything I need to know, complete with video without having to watch live or even think about how it makes me feel because someone online will tell me how I should feel about what I am seeing/reading.
[Phlip note – the last part of that last sentence was a joke]

I found Ann Romney’s role as a Stepford Wife comical as she ignored the very DEFINITION of irony in attempts to create a revisionist portrait of a husband. For her to try to relate him to us that work 40+ hours a week is quite disturbingly hilarious, but I found what black folk did the following week to be a bit more disturbing.

Wait, not black folk en masse, it was mostly black women. Let me start with an image…

If you have friends like mine, that image was knocked to the top of your FaceBook timeline every time you went back to the page. I would find it particularly disturbing that anyone would think that someone who made the conscious decision to let their law license lapse in order to support a spouse who had bigger political aspirations and (more importantly) raise the kids could somehow gain the foreign policy and diplomatic experience necessary to run for president via osmosis if that was the only issue at hand. The other side of this is that – and in spite the fact that for the past 43 before the Obamas – no first lady was given this much credit. A lot of people talk as if Michelle Obama is somehow in possession of part of the presidency already.

News flash, [black] people [with vaginas]; Michelle Obama is not the President of the United States. I would bet a hundred dollars against a bucket of shit that she couldn’t even get the combination to that nuclear football that the President has to know, and it is wholly allowed under the Geneva Convention to go ahead and start World War III if SHE was the one to answer the Bat Phone.

No, “Oh, Barack was taking a shit and told me to answer the phone, I am his wife, you know?!” is not acceptable when it comes to being leader of the free world. They say “there is no ‘I’ in ‘team’,” but I will be damned if it ain’t one in ‘President.’

Maybe it is just me, but I am more than fine with the First Black Family having an enviable unit, where she is supportive of the boss of the nation (and, understandably by connection, their house) in that manner that we would all like for our wives to be supportive of us in our endeavors. What I am NOT willing to do, though, is to push her or assume an understanding that more or less amounts to her overstepping her boundaries and making her into something that she is not. The president. I commend her for her initiatives to raise awareness about healthy living and eating for our children in combating childhood obesity. Look, I understand the excitement for seeing someone who [kind of] looks like you doing things that you [likely] will not, but ladies, let’s not allow ourselves to write fan fiction novels where Michelle Obama has created and taken on the role of “Co-President,” and that it serves as an apprenticeship to the full managerial role when the position is vacant in 4 years.

Just as the Republicans have imagined that Obama has powers to steal all their freedoms away and use them as fodder for telling people not to vote for him; we cannot allow ourselves to believe that somehow through some unprecedented set of circumstances that a vote for a Barack Obama presidency was actually a vote for a MICHELLE Obama presidency.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I will be hiding in an undisclosed location from sniper fire.

Words by Phlip


4 comments on “Controversy Corner: Michelle Obama Is Not The President!

  1. Whew….you went in. I actually had never seen that image you posted but I know the majority of women on my TL were talking about how great of a wife and mother Mrs. Obama seemed to be and she was the epitome of grace and class. It is a welcome, and rare, view of a black woman that isn’t loud, uneducated, and abrasive like most other media shows. So if you’re going to tell us that the FLOTUS is not the POTUS tell other black people that Obama is not Jesus. We’re good at over-exaggerating LOL.


    • Phlip says:

      Make note that I never said that she was not a great wife/mother, classy or graceful.
      I also never said that she herself stated any presidential aspirations, but that her superfans seemed to be the ones doing it for her (fanfiction comment).
      I said that making her president by osmosis was beginning to wear thin, that’s all.

      I am more than open to suggestions for the Corner of Controversy, lol.
      The next one will REALLY piss some people off.


  2. markdub7 says:

    Yeah…you will definitely piss some folks off with this one. Michelle Obamas super-fans are at par/worse than Beyonce’s super-fans. I hope you’re wearing your kevlar flak-vest! LOL! Great post, Phlip-ster!


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