In The News 9/19/12


Rapper DMX is now a church deacon? |chron

7 Awkward Moments From Mitt Romney’s Presidential Campaign [PHOTOS/VIDEO] |hiphopwired

Clipse Rapper ‘No Malice’ Comes Clean About Love for Jesus |christianpost

Onyx’s Fredro Starr Disses DMX In Video Freestyle |hiphopdx

Pusha T Blames Beef With Lil Wayne On Social Media |bet

Back to the Border: Borderlands 2 Full Review |forbes

A New App Will Block All Mentions of Chris Brown |thegrio

Obama jabs at Romney over his ’47 percent’ remarks |yahoo


5 comments on “In The News 9/19/12

  1. mtume says:

    is chris brown the new oj?


    • Tony Grands says:

      Ha… Something tells me he’s got a few more frantic life moments life. Stay tuned…


      • mtume says:

        na but on the real tho i dont like breezys music n obviously beating on rihanna was terrible…but he was like 19 when it happened n now hes become the stand in for all Black men for white people to hate on…let the kid live he made a mistake


        • mtume says:

          maybe im buggin tho cuz i just read juice


          • Tony Grands says:

            Nah fam. You’re not bugging. Kids fuck up all the time, but he’s been living an adult life for a long time, so he’s treated as one. Also, cockiness, arrogance, money, & power all make him an easier target for the hate.

            At the end of the day, he’s living the American dream, though. I let him live. I’m too busy trying to get mine to worry about his.


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