In The News 9/20/12

Washington Man Who Killed Two Rapists Gets Life Sentence |yahoo

Whoopi Goldberg fires back at Mitt Romney: ‘I used to respect you’ |thegrio

Manny Pacquiao Speaks On Boxing Promotion Deal With 50 Cent |hiphopdxRapper ‘The Game’ Says ‘You Can Still Have Swag, Be Christian’ |christianpost

Nas & Lauryn Hill Heading On Tour |rapradar

Surveillance system scans brainwaves to ID possible threats |nbcnews

DMX Gets Into A Heated Battle With A Laptop…And Loses [VIDEO] |hiphopwired

How to wait in an iPhone 5 line |cnn

13-Year-Old Rapper Lil’ Mouse Still Growing Up Too Fast In New Music Video |chicagoist

Pacifier Use Can Lead To Emotional Problems In Boys |medicalnewstoday

Police begin enforcing controversial Arizona immigration measure |yahoo


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