In The News 9/26/12


83-year-old rapper brags he ‘can still do it’ |msn

Child obesity: Why do parents let their kids get fat? |bbc

6 questions fans want Lil Wayne to ask God; rapper claims direct connection |

Rent-to-Own Laptops Secretly Photographed Users Having Sex, FTC Says |wired

Rohan Marley Doesn’t Believe Wyclef’s Story About Lauryn Hill |theurbandaily

Space-time-crystal-powered eternal clock could keep time after end of universe |csmonitor

Madonna says she was being “ironic” in calling Obama a Muslim |reuters

Drug lab scandal might taint over 1,100 inmate cases |thegrio

Mr. Sensitivity and Rap’s Emotional Core |theroot

College student gets alcohol poisoning after “butt chugging” too much wine |complex


2 comments on “In The News 9/26/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    I imagine, should I reach 83, I’ll be doing the same kind if rappin. Dude is hilarious.

    I’m sure Wayne’s disease-addled brain hears voices, but I seriously question if any are God’s.

    How bad is it that even Rohan is calling Clef out on his bullshit?

    Even if she was being ironic, what Madonna said was dumb.


  2. somebody get madonna a dictionary that was not irony


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