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In The News 10/3/12

Nick Minaj Massive Attacks Mariah Carey |hiphopwired

Internet Addiction Is The New Mental Health Disorder |forbes

Nas Wants You To Vote |complex

Why We Need a Supercomputer on the Moon |wired

New ESPN 30 For 30 Special Spotlights “Broke” Pro Athletes |hiphopwired

Possible Global Diaper Shortage After Plant Explosion In Japan |

Obama Has 70 Percent Of Latino Vote In New Poll |newsone

Drinking, Driving Drops by Half Among Teens |

Dwyane Wade cuts ties with Jordan Brand |thegrio

Researchers discover what Earth would sound like if people “had antennas for ears” |digitaltrends

Bow Wow Owes $11,500 In Child Support, Fails To Disclose “106 & Park” Hosting Gig To Court |hiphopdx


2 comments on “In The News 10/3/12

  1. markdub7
    October 3, 2012

    Nicki sparring w/Mariah will undoubtably give American Idol the ratings they desire. Hell…we’re even discussing it here on this highly esteemed blog.

    I’m glad that Nas is using his celebrity to try to convince people to vote in this most crucial of elections. Even though I’m not a fan of the process, I think it’s my duty to get out and vote. Making sure that Big Moolah Mitt doesn’t get into the driver’s seat of this country is motivation enough for me.

    I have seen up close how fast a pro-athlete can be rich one minute, and broke the next. My cousin was a star football player at LSU, got drafted, played 2 years in the league. He had all the toys…the big crib, the cars, jewelry, a lavish Jordan collection….all of it. He got hurt at the end of his second year in the league, and didn’t get picked back up by his team. Luckily, he was smart enough to sell almost all of the toys (he kept a NIIIIICE Benz for his fiance), sold the house, and moved into more modest accomodations. He’s still sitting on a lot of the guaranteed money he received, and is living well below his means, working as a high school football coach. He’s by no means broke, but he realizes that he’ll never make the kind of money he did during his pro years, so he’s very thrifty. He’s one of the lucky ones.

    Possible global diaper shortage? OH SHIT! (LOL! I SLAY ME!)

    Maybe D-Wade is trying to carve out his own shoe legacy….like Shaq did.

    T-Grandz…we were just talking about how smart a move it was for Bow Wow to host 106th & Park yesterday to extend his career. Now he hasn’t reported the new gig to the IRS? *Slaps forehead*


    • Tony Grands
      October 3, 2012

      T-Grandz…we were just talking about how smart a move it was for Bow Wow to host 106th & Park yesterday to extend his career. Now he hasn’t reported the new gig to the IRS?

      I can only imagine he has a legitimate reason for not telling them about a job that the whole country will undoubtedly see.

      I give him 6 months before he appears shirtless & drunk, complaining about what the Hip Hop community hasn’t done for him lately.


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