In The News 10/8/12


Marijuana at a tipping point |heraldnet

Kid Rock will support Paul Ryan’s appearance at OU |freep

US border agent died in friendly fire shootout he may have started |bizjournals

Stink Bugs On The Move And Inside Your House |patch

A Jacket That Hugs You For Getting Facebook ‘Likes’ |geek

Kanye West leaves Twitter: 5 ways to fill the online void left by rapper |examiner

The 20 greatest hard-drinking athletes of all time |complex

Rapper Snoop (Dogg) Lion promotes vulgar, racist list of reasons to not vote for Romney |examiner

SpaceX lifts off with ISS cargo |bbc

Jay Z surprises fans as he takes the subway to Brooklyn concert |thegrio

Mom Of 4 Drunk When She Shot Her Kids And Herself Dead |newsone


One comment on “In The News 10/8/12

  1. realnagan says:

    the last one damn. no idea on the specifics though. possibly mentally ill. society treats such folk like shit for being a lil different, then society wonders why it happened when it cold shoulders the afflicted. stigma for days, last sorta poltically correct forum to diss someone is the mentally ill. #craycray SMH


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