In The News 10/10/12


Dwyane Wade Left Jordan Brand For Li-Ning To Be “Involved In Building Something |hiphopwired

Paul Ryan: reduce gun crime by teaching ‘inner city’ people ‘good discipline’, ‘character’ |thegrio

Stacey Dash Defends her Support for Mitt Romney |opposingviews

Taliban Gun Down Girl Who Spoke Up for Rights |nytimes

‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ star Stevie J allegedly kisses Lil’ Wayne on stage |examiner

Rapper French Montana Says Rap Beef Is Dead |allhiphop

Former Homicide Detective Fatally Shoots Son After Mistaking Him For Intruder |newsone

Eminem Covers VIBE |vibe

Hulk Hogan sex tape: The wrestler shares his side of the story |latimes

NYPD officers stop-and-frisk Harlem teen, threaten to break his arm |nydailynews


One comment on “In The News 10/10/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    I can understand D-Wade wanting to help something grow & be his own man. I just hope it bears fruit for him as he will definitely be ice skating uphill.

    Paul Ryan did nothing but reveal how he truly feels about black people. Inner-city is definitely code for black people, and he cut that interview short because he knew that he said too much in his attempt to be candid.

    I am utterly disappointed in StacyDash’s decision-making. First she was so difficult to work with that she got herself ousted from the show Single Ladies. Now she’s supporting a candidate who obviously doesn’t care much for people who look like her. Then again, considering men she’s chosen, she may not care much for people who look like her either. SMH.


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