In The News 10/12/12


Rapper Shyne slams Obama, endorses Romney |thegrio

Massive eyeball washes up on Florida beach |dailymail

French Montana Calls 50 Cent A “Swagless Monkey |allhiphop

Greek unemployment rises above 25 percent |yahoo

Why Can’t We All Just Get Along (At Hip Hop Award Shows?) |hiphopdx

Sandusky’s wife blasted accusers in note to judge |usatoday

Nelly — “I Had No Idea Drugs and Guns Were On My Tour Bus” |tmz

US video game sales fall 24 percent in September |thestate

Kellogg Company recalls Mini-Wheats. Metal fragments in cereal |csmonitor

Mitt Romney’s Google problem is ‘completely wrong |foxnews

DNA has a 521-year half-life |nature


One comment on “In The News 10/12/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    I try to give Shyne a pass, but that ninja is loco. He’s lost his damn mind. IF Obama knows who he is, I’m sure he’s not worried about gaining his support in influencing “the Jews”. SMH

    Dude found a giant eyeball on the beach. I’d hate to see what dispatched the creature that the giant eyeballl belonged too.


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