R.I.P. Urban Privacy -or- Why You Really Should Try To Chill In Public


Words by Tony Grands

There’s a video going viral at this very moment of a bus driver punching a young lady while on duty. At some point in the near future, it’ll come across your social media plate.I’m not sure of nor concerned with the back story, but I am saddened by what we, as human beings consider entertainment. I’m guilty of being part of that crowd, although now I’m more filtered & mature, & some things just don’t appeal to me. These types of videos are why people of all ages flock to WorldStarHipHop.com by the hundreds of thousands per day. Imagine if the Obama campaign decided to sprinkle a few presidential clips on WSHH…but that’s neither here nor there.

With all the hoopla surrounding the minute-long video, the fact that the chaos was so readily recorded & posted online within minutes is overlooked. This is the bullshit shit we are using computers for. Not all of us (whoever your us may be), but a helluva lot more than some.

To make a long story a little less long; technology is the devil. & if not Lucifer himself, it’s at least the proverbial “mark of the beast” that the pastor warned us about as kids. Legend has it that the mark is a triple six or a life-sized bar code, but for what it’s worth, nobody knows. It could be hand tattoos. Genital warts. Red hair. Sky’s the limit.

See, people visualize according to personal perception, no? That means that whatever the theoretical storyteller perceives dictates what the storytellee receives. I believe this, & look for the “mark” in a variety of places on a regular basis. Using that nifty logic, I’ve come to the somewhat sketchy, yet highly plausible theory that technology &/or the internet play an apocalyptic large part in a grander scheme of things that will inevitably – for mankind in general – end badly. Think about it for a moment.

The video of the girl catching a vicious uppercut is but a scant blip on an immense radar, & with time, will fade. But the trend of video recording violence is leveling off. It’s been done to death, so to speak. How long before the semi-scheduled brawls become surveilled murders & accidentally premeditated homicides, directed & uploaded for the world to see? It’s happened before, but every snowball began with a snowflake. & with rappers promoting violence at such vehement velocity, I predict some very exciting cybertimes coming to urban America’s back porch sooner than later.

For the record, this doesn’t exclude robberies, rapes, kidnaps, etc. Dumb criminals do more than just shoot at other dumb criminals. We can all admit, though, that a liquor store robbery caught on an iPhone wouldn’t be as newsworty as coldhearted murder that snuck it’s way on to Youtube.

Words by Tony Grands


4 comments on “R.I.P. Urban Privacy -or- Why You Really Should Try To Chill In Public

  1. realnagan says:

    Damn…. that video got my goat. bitch move, i don’t mess with that world fail …. site. i admit i look up fight videos on the youtubes, but more to see a trained fighter pwning a street “tough”. too many videos are just what the topic of this article is, gladiator shit without honour. In a historical sense shit ain’t new , been around for millenia but the tech is making it a worldwide voyeur thang. Sometimes minutes after the crime it’s on the internets.

    At least the dumb fuck perps , will get traced. all digital photo/video has a digital watermark that can be traced. do it on a “smart” phone it even includes gps co-ordinates to boot.

    i yeah i reckon tech can be as much a hindrance as help. noticed the younger cats can’t do math without a calculator or retain knowledge because of ease of access to google (some studies on that one, that make it look correct too) and with the move towards ebooks and the like… one bad arse solar flare and alot of knowledge is taken away from humanity with no actual books to read when shit is fried.

    rambling again, late as fuck here lol



    • Tony Grands says:

      ” one bad arse solar flare and alot of knowledge is taken away from humanity with no actual books to read when shit is fried.”

      Yep. Not to mention the limited communication, between people AND machines, would be catastrophic.


  2. DV says:

    I clicked the link expecting to see the Derion Albert clip or article. I missed this ” Knock Em Out” thing. It reminds me of Vegas around 02-03 when groups of kids/young adults would randomly kick peoples asses for the fuck of it at different spots in the city. Casino Parking Lots and Walmarts where the most common spots these ass kickings where handed out. This one security guard got the beats handed to him behind the MGM once. I dont condone what happened on the bus (from either participant) but dude gave that girl a Soda Popinski uppercut. Dude came from the ankles with it lol.


  3. Great read. Ole girl got the closest thing to a real life Shoryuken that I’ve ever seen. Despite the fact the she was asking (pleading desperately) for it, Pops shoulda still had the wherewithall to maintain composure, unless she started going ape shart on him.

    In terms of technology, correct me if I’m wrong cause I aint that bibically versed (yet) but doesn’t the Bible says the “mark” will be a number in/on your hand, right? Sounds a helluvalot like a cell phone to me. After all, it is YOUR number. I aint tryin to sound like a complete whack job, but it could very well be the case.



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