Are You Ready For A Hip Hop X-Factor?


Words by Curtis75Black

My music is always left out. Ever since the first broadcast of “Star Search,” we’ve seen plenty of talent show clones in their own way, but never strictly for Hip Hop. Unfortunately there’s a logical reason for it…

My music, Hip Hop music, is hard too judge!

Too many styles, too many egos, too much fickleness in the fans. Recent “generations” might cause the show shut down after one season, if we even tune in at all. Taking what we’ve seen from similar shows and applying it to the Hip Hop crowd, we would first need the auditions, which would be crazy in itself. Anybody can rhyme, today that’s a given, but can you bring it and wow a crowd of people who don’t know you and are liable to hate just because?

Judges for the show would have to be credible. Since its a Hip Hop show, getting emcee’s & rappers to judge comes with a price. The judgment coming from these artists or CEO’s will come with scrutiny, especially if they themselves haven’t “blown up” or if they’ve ever “sold out,” which is all subjective.

And any CEO’s judging better have had a great track record, but also know the music. Needing judges from 4 points of the USA, for the sake of the argument: Jermaine Dupri, Bumpy Knuckles, Ice Cube, Royce Da 5’9 & Pete Rock. With those 5 you have CEO Status with a great track record, production ear, and diversity with lyrics as well. Also, you’ll have that brutally honest factor, which is definitely needed.

The show will have to provide listeners with song writing skills, not just a flow and voice. Not just a style. Give them classic beats to rap over or if they have original production, come with it. The songs have to be diverse with each round. No constant gangsta shit throughout the show from any emcee.

With the flop of P. Diddy’s version of “Making The Band (with his bunch of fall-offs that didn’t make a dent into the game but made us laugh and were hella parodied by Dave Chappelle) it’s hard to take Hip Hop serious in that manner because as a music even when it’s wack, we take it seriously. Rakim said it best “I’m no comedian.” Maybe this music is a few generations away from the X-Factor/American Idol show but it’ll be interesting to see if it can be pulled off.

Words by Curtis75Black


5 comments on “Are You Ready For A Hip Hop X-Factor?

  1. realnagan says:

    thought about this scenario a bit, just can’t happen in my eyes. either a version for the mainstream to lap up and hiphop heads will go meh. or hiphopheads love it and noone watches. too hard to judge indeed. good drop


  2. markdub7 says:

    This reminds me of MTV’s The White Rapper Show and the female Ms. Rapstar show. A lot of contestants on both shows could really spit but with today’s rap audience being so fickle, none of them seem to have lasted for very long.


  3. DV says:

    That would be so not hiphop. Well atleast not the hiphop i came up on. But to tell the truth I can see this happening. But nobody real would make it past the auditons. It would be a “pop” show.


    • Curtis75Black says:

      The reason why is because like any other show, it would seem manufactured to you. Notice, I never said anything about image. The Hip Hop we came up on had demos. This would be basically the same: emcees rapping over new/classic beats, showing off their writing and lyrical skills to a credible talent of artists. No need to put on a front of growing up in the hood, selling drugs, busting caps and getting arrested on the reg.


  4. DV says:

    I see. Thats cool. It would just be about the music. All the “extra” shit wouldnt matter, just the talent.


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