In The News 11/5/12


50 Cent Claims ‘Floyd Mayweather Beef’ Is Fake |vibe

Boston Rap Legend Edo G Releases Mitt Romney Diss |hiphopondeck

YouTube Encourages Users To Video Their Vote |techcrunch

Chris Christie’s new Obama friendship doesn’t extend to the voting booth, just in case there was any confusion |nymag

Kurupt Pays For Former Fiancee Natina Reed’s Funeral |hiphopdx

Florida Firehouse Under Investigation For Using President Obama Toilet Tissue |hiphopwired

Cassidy Agrees To Battle Meek Mill |msn

Magnitude-2.0 quake shakes New Jersey |cnn

Will Ferrell Says He’ll Eat Toe Nails, Hair, And Dirty Draws If You Vote For Barry-O! |bossip

Mom’s attempt to give toddler a better view of wild African dogs at the Pittsburgh Zoo turns into a “horrific” tragedy |usatoday

Super-fast space travel would kill you in minutes (but you’l never guess why) |gizmodo


4 comments on “In The News 11/5/12

  1. markdub7 says:

    Wow…Ed O G still has it! I’m glad he’s repping intelligently.

    Classy move that Kurrupt is paying for Natina Reed’s funeral. Rest In Power, sister.

    Obama toilet paper? For reals? Romney has already said we need less police, firemen, and teachers. I bet that ass-hat is still voting for him. Jackass.

    I dunno if it was a good move for Meek to challenge Cass…but I applaud the fact that he’s established and is still willing to put himself out there. I think Cass is going to kill him, but this oughta be good.

    Will Ferrell…that cat is bananas.

    I feel sorry for the mother of that child that fell into the wild dog cage at the zoo, but lawd…you’ve got to be more careful with your children.


  2. Wait, what! Fiddy fakin beef why never


  3. DV says:

    Floyd and 50 some hoes for that shit.


  4. realnagan says:

    EDO G!!! nuff said 🙂


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