5 Reasons Why Hip Hop Beef Is Spoiled


Words By Tony Grands

5. You Already Know What’s Going To Happen
With the (alleged) exception of Chief Keef Vs. Lil JoJo, & an unfortunate handful of up & comers, rap beef doesn’t usually end with someone being murdered. Whether that’s good or bad is up to the audience, but that’s neither here nor there. Rap cats talk a good game, & some even start fights regularly, but at some point, apologies are made & everybody becomes friends again.

4. 50 Cent Set The Bar Really High
The main reason you (& your babymomma) bump Rick Ross is because 50 Cent made him famous. Yes, Rick Ross owes F-50 a thank you card & perhaps even flowers. 50 Cent exposed various nooks & crannies of Ross’ personal life (that’s how your cousin knew Ross was a CO), even dragging innocent bystanders, as well as willing participants into the fray. Their beef – however tiny & unnecessary – begat a few songs on either side, but its pinnacle moment was Ross not budging. He sat back & continued dropping songs. Eventually, everybody knew who he was, didn’t care about his past, & look at him now. Had he folded, he would have remained “Teflon Da Don” – doing remixes & movie soundtrack b-sides – forever.

Make all the diss records you want, but until you take your enemy’s babymomma shopping & get her to talk bad about the father of her child, who’s there, ON CAMERA, it’s not real beef.

3. Nobody Wants To Lose A Fight
For the most part, rappers don’t want to fight. & they don’t want to fight because they don’t want to lose. Imagine kicking some hot bars about your drugs, your gun & your bitches, smelling your cologne as you leave the studio, only to get home, jump online, & see that all the internet wants to talk about is how you got beat up at that Car Show last Sunday. & a few dozen people have various action shot poses of you getting roughed up & – subsequently – laid the fuck out. No dice. Any rap cat in his right mind would do best to bark from a distance & wag his tail when he gets close. & that’s what most of them do. I wouldn’t mind seeing more fist fights in Hip Hop, though.

2. Lawyers Are Expensive
Let Game & 40 Glocc (a/k/a Big Bad 40) be a lesson in how not to behave when your career is potentially worth millions of cumulative dollars. Because of a conflict that could have been avoided, Glocc has filed a lawsuit against California’s favorite Blood rapper Game. He’ll probably end up having to pay X amount of dollars or settle out of court, but no matter the outcome, he loses out on a chunk of his money because he’s running around assaulting & battery individuals (on camera). I’m not passing judgement on either guy, but at some point, it’s time to move past doing things that will injure our pride & our wallet(s), no?

40 Glocc may have singlehandedly changed the way rap cats deal with their conflicts with other rap cats. I expect lawsuits for slander to become the norm sooner than later.

1. The Music Is More Important
The people may love the drama, even clamor for it, but in reality, it’s still all about the music. Countless beefs & battles go on in the Hip Hop industry daily, but the buzz is only temporary. What matters is the music. For example: when 50 Cent went bowling wearing Gunplay’s Maybach Music Group chain on, the internets went nuts over it for about 18 hours. Then, it was back to praising Gunplay for his absurdly wild music. That’s how & why Rick Ross emerged like a phoenix from the smoldering ashes of 50’s relentless personal attacks, also. Ross fought physical fire with audible treats, & the rest is current day history. You can bark as loud as your vocal chords will allow you to, but when it comes time to win the popular vote, you’d better have the musical ammunition to back it up.

Words By Tony Grands


5 comments on “5 Reasons Why Hip Hop Beef Is Spoiled

  1. markdub7 says:

    I concur. 50 beefs in a way that is hard to match. Luckily for Ross he had fans that were unwavering in their devotion to his music and falsely advertised lifestyle.


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