Rick Ross Is Having The Worst Week Ever


Words by Phlip

Make no mistakes in thinking here.  Studio gangsters are and always have been the order of the day in hip hop music.  The subject of Chris Rock’s 1993 movie CB4 spoke to that fact.

In 2006, Rapper William Roberts – professionally known as Rick Ross, and hilariously referred to by yours truly as Billy Bobb – came onto the scene and revitalized the “I’m a crack sales kingpin” genre in popular hip hop.  The fact that he had aped the name of infamous REAL crack millionaire “Freeway” Ricky Ross (a fact that Roberts still denies to this day in spite of fast mounting evidence and collection of his lies, more on that later) helped things to seem as if he had actually somewhat lived what he was speaking.  By 2009, he was subject to petty-ass beefs with other rappers – specifically Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson – and a look into his background made it apparent that Roberts more than likely was not living the crack millionaire lifestyle that he claimed to be living, if only based upon his employment history.  We know how that all played out, in that 50 Cent proved that he is really only rapping out of boredom and because he is often the petty bully-type who makes money hand over fist elsewhere.  Meanwhile, Billy Bobb had to ease away from the crack raps.

The Freeway Ricky Ross thing came to a head with Roberts arguing in court about the merits of how “gangster” the real Ross was in suing him over the use of his name and persona for profit before the judge finally decided it was all bullshit and threw it all out, in time for the rapper Ross to release an album with a title hinting that he might be untouchable, Teflon Don (ironically, another ripoff of John Gotti who actually made it through a few REAL criminal trials untouched and thereby continuing the made-for-TV farce). Little did we know that one little diddy from that album, BMF (Blowin’ Money Fast), would serve to be Roberts’ undoing.

In that song, the rapper Ross repeats “I think I’m Big Meech” and then invokes the name of Larry Hoover.  Big Meech was the head of drug trafficking organization Black Mafia Family (get it, BMF?) and Larry Hoover the 6-times-life-sentenced founder of the Black Gangster Disciples out of Chicago, with an estimated national membership of 50k+. And that would be the beginning of the end…

Never mind that the rapper Ross would develop a problem where plane trips caused him seizures that cost him show money (ironically here in NC) last year or the very natural issues that his weight MUST bring on for him.  Now he had brought up the name of a gangster he had no connection to, had never even met and who had a LOYAL and very organized following.  The disrespect continued when he used the 6-point star often employed by the Black Gangster Disciples on the cover of his The Black Bar Mitzah mixtape.  With two perceived acts of disrespect, the GDs were done playing.

Just as Ross embarked on a nationwide tour, regional chapters (wait, what?  Who knew street gangs were more organized than the damned NAACP?) of the gang took to the YouTube to warn the rapper Ross that their cities had become “no fly zones.”  Specifically, this happened in Colorado, Alabama, Tennessee and most recently – as in yesterday – here in Greensboro NC for tonight’s show and tomorrow night in Charlotte [link to video].  This matters because the rapper Ross CANCELLED shows respondent to the threats, then went back to the “telling fuckin’ lies” trail in blaming it on promoters.  Strange, I heard those same promoters on the radio hyping parties that will not continue as initially planned since the MMG guests to be in attendance have apparently been banned from the state by a group more influential than the Governor.

So where does this leave us?  Well, apparently, the rapper William Roberts is in position where he has dropped the wrong name(s) on record in furthering his lies, and now he is being told to break bread or find his life VERY difficult.  He has become the Albert to Larry Hoover’s Gusto, and Gusto’s people are less than pleased with that.
He can either do as he is being demanded and cut that check, or he can involve the federales, or he can cut the check AND involve the federales.  The issue is that doing either or both would be the final nail in the coffin that is any credibility he may still have on these streets, thereby ending the ruse.  Or he can disappear and live off the interest on what he has already made and act like it never happened.

Either way, I am fine with one more studio gangster being taken off of these streets.

Words by Phlip


10 comments on “Rick Ross Is Having The Worst Week Ever

  1. Tony Grands says:

    Ross cant win for losing. All that money from cocaine retail & he wont even be able to spend it freely without fear of being shot down.

    Although, he’s not scared of bad health. Why be scared of organized crime?


    • markdub7 says:

      That cat there….he’s made a assload of money, and now has to live like a fugitive. He has talent as a writer….too bad he spent it acting as if he was the equal of those who he name-dropped in his music. Now, they’re demanding that he pay tribute….monetarily.


  2. Capital G says:

    YES! This warmed my hater heart to no end and flat out made my month, not my day, not my week, but my month. Fan-fucking-tastic!


  3. DV says:

    Lying, and especially perpetual lying, will always catch up with you. I just hope this doesnt effect his artist who have nothing to do with it.


  4. DV says:

    Breaking News Rawse just cancelled the remainder of his MMG tour. I feel bad for his artist.


  5. DV says:

    My bad. Didnt see it.


  6. DV says:

    These niggas CAN hold him back.


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