NBA Report: Welcome To Twenty Thirteen


Words by Phlip

The “Cripples” can return to us at AAAAANY time here…
No, but in all seriousness, they have the best record in the league and just pulled off only the 22nd undefeated month in the history of the league.

Their bench is deep enough to feature people who would EASILY start on ANY other team in the league in some capacity. The team is stocked with an elite Point Guard, lethal shooters and scarily athletic big men. To top it off, they’re having fun doing it. I watched Blake Griffin take a rebound and lead the fast break by himself the other night, the team is ALWAYS near the beginning of SportsCenter – owing to the fact that any ball that gets NEAR the rim will likely be dunked by Griffin or DeAndre Jordan – and they’re generally just fun to watch.

I still kinda feel like it will eventually fall apart on them, though. No hate, it just happens to be what we’re trained to believe will happen to the Clippers. They have picked an amazing time to “arrive,” though, in that they’re in division where the difference between the top and bottom are usually VERY wide and are peaking at a time where the normally dominant Lakers are still slumping.

… and speaking of the Lakers…
I am not dwelling on this very long. They tied together 5 straight before doing what I knew they would do in dropping a game to the Nuggets. They have a game in Philly on Tuesday before completing the week playing from the visitor’s locker room in Staples’ against those Clippers. That is the onset of a Murderer’s Row, including another game against Denver; followed by Houston and San Antonio and then coming home to play OKC. In other words, don’t color me surprised if it is deep into January before they make it back to the .500 mark. I don’t know if they realize this, but in the Western Conference, .500 and below teams don’t make the playoffs and teams that don’t make the playoffs don’t win titles. Strongly suggested is it that they get their thing together sooner than later.

And then there are the teams who DO have their thing(s) together for the most part…
OKC, San Antonio and Miami in no particular order… No further lining really needed either, we can see that they’re doing their things and are the teams to beat in their respective divisions and conferences. If the Knicks can avoid being embarrassed in an early playoffs round, pencil them in to lose to Miami in the Eastern Conference Finals, but watch OKC play a HARD seven games against San Antonio in the continuing of the changing of the guard.
But Kevin Durant has eclipsed LeBron in my MVP watch right now. He has upped his game and his team is playing better than ever, all while LeBron has fallen off a little bit. Then there are those pesky details that Durant’s tattoos are less visible and that he doesn’t have “The Decision” on his resume. If you think that doesn’t matter to the media members who vote on the NBA’s MVP, I would like you to remind you that Steve Nash got a trophy that SHOULD belong to Kobe Bryant.

Happy trails, Avery Johnson…
Eastern Conference coach of the month twice in a row, then loses three games and gets fired. Something suggests to me that the guy was not in the Nets’ long-term Brooklyn plans, and I am not totally unsure that it didn’t have something to do with is heavy N’Awlins accent. Anyway he is out of a job and it is being rumored that the Nets are courting HARD for Phil Jackson, or Jeff Van Gundy (the balding one, not the one who looks like Ron Jeremy) as his replacement while an able PJ Carlesimo keeps the seat warm in the meantime. This will be fun to see happen.

As we approach the culmination of College Football (GO IRISH!!!), the “games of interest” thing will cool off for a couple of weeks. There will be coming up this week the aforementioned Lakers vs. 76ers and Clippers vs. Nuggets. One of these games will be interesting and high-scoring, the others will be the Lakers likely being embarrassed by a team that they should have no issue with. This week WILL see the Thunder and the Nets, and then the Spurs and the Knicks before capping off with the Bulls and Heat and Lakers/Clippers on Friday. Other than that; we get some groaners in the Kings vs. the Raptors and Hornets/Mavericks, but the fun is all in seeing what takes place and coming back to discuss them.

Words by Phlip
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2 comments on “NBA Report: Welcome To Twenty Thirteen

  1. DV says:

    1. Lakers should trade Gasol while they can still get something decent back before its too late. Kobe is right. They are too old….for that offense. Jim Buss gotta feel like a moron right now.

    2. Interested to see how the Mavs look once Dirk gets his legs back. Mayo and Collison pushing the ball and catches a trailing Dirk all alone at the top of the key or in the parking lot. Doesnt matter.

    3. My Knicks are faltering a bit. Its just because of injuries. Wait till our goons come back full force.

    4. D Will is a coach killer. I dont like him.

    5. Jordan is getting exactly what he payed for. Being cheap doesnt work in the NBA.

    6. Still feels weird that the Clippers are the talk of the NBA for good reasons. Glad to see L.O. getting back into form.

    How many Texas Chainsaw movies are they gonna make? Sheesh, its like they drop one every 2 years.


  2. markdub7 says:

    It was criminal what they did to Avery Johnson. He’ll get an opportunity to coach somewhere, so he’ll be fine. I hope Phil Jackson stays his ass outta brooklyn and they end up with the Van Gundy brother that looks like Ron Jeremy stand-in.


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