Haters: A Brief Overview


Words by Tony Grands

Urban America has this belief that people strongly disliking you for who you are or what you have – more commonly known as “hating” – is a good thing.

Kids (& by kids, I mean ages 9-25) wear clothing that proudly boasts about how much love they have for those that “hate,” & on any given social media network at any given moment, there’s the random update regarding one’s haters as their motivators. It’s quite fascinating.

Somewhere in the 90s, the term held some validity. (Some say Sean “Puffy” Combs & his crew gave bloody birth to the tedious term, but I just think he refined it for mass market consumption.) Since then, though, it’s become a pretzled clump of loose slang language that can mean any number of contrived things, dependent upon the person. If someone doesn’t agree with you, they’re hating. If they don’t like what the sheeple haplessly consume, they’re a hater. If you don’t want to help them out, you’re a hater. The examples are as colorful as they are numerous, but I’m sure you smell my cologne. This begs the question: what exactly is a hater? & possibly the even more pertinent riddle: are YOU a hater?

The hater generally doesn’t like anything at all. So if you have a friend who likes some of the shit that you like, but refuses to give your favorite rapper the time of day, he’s not hating, he’s exercising freedom of choice. But take that same dude, & instead of pontificating with you over your shared interests, he has something bad to say about everything? That’s a hating ass n***a & you may want to ease back on the intimacy. & remember: the easiest way to get bit by a snake is to pick it up & put it in the bed with you.

It’s important to note that disliking all things can also mean one suffers from mild depression, is experiencing a lengthy bipolar flare-up, or is simply a sociopath, acting out for attention. This isn’t usually the case, though, so chances are it’s pure, uncut hate pulsing through their bloodstream(s).

Sometimes it’s hard to see a hater coming, because they can be your best friends, family, associates, children, etc. If you suspect a loved one of random hate, ask them a few entry-level questions that only a terrorist would respond to incorrectly…

“What’s your favorite Michael Jackson song?”

“Do you like Jello?”

“Babies are adorable, aren’t they?”

“Want some of these Twizzlers”?

If the response(s) to any of the above questions carry even the slightest connotation of negativity, red flags should be shooting up like peens during a (newer) Lacey Duvalle scene. Seriously, who the f*ck doesn’t like Michael Jackson, babies, & Jello, not necessarily in the order? The Anti-Christ, that’s who. & if not him, then it’s his scores of disciples, pillaging the Earth with their gothic gospel of weed-scented “Nah” chorus’ & smarmy, douchebag commentary.

For what it’s worth, there’s technically nothing wrong with not liking something, but to not like anything at all is the same thing as purposely staying a virgin your entire life just to spite no one in particular. & while the hate may be disguised as an attempt to “keep it real,” or coyly dismissed as some “trill n***a shit,” make no mistake. Negative energy is like Herpes; all it takes is a little contact to contract. Haters are as powerful as you allow them to be, & you can unknowingly wreck yourself if you don’t check yourself.

Now, by no means am I advocating that one should like or love everything, after all, disdain is how we know what we’d rather avoid in the future. But there’s a Grand Canyon’s difference between tolerance & protest. & with that said, we will now return you to you regularly scheduled porn trolling web surfing.

Words by Tony Grands


5 comments on “Haters: A Brief Overview

  1. Negative energy is like Herpes: all it takes is a little contact to contract. —-NICE


  2. Soulrise says:

    Glad you’re still at it Grands. Great piece with little argument from me overall. And you’re right, Puff did just shine it up for the masses, but you KNOW I have to chime in on the origin of “player hater” which of course originates from the Bay. Filthy Phil from Richmond ran with a crew called the Playboys or Players for short. When rivals fucked with them they got dubbed “Player Haters” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZoOHAUE4fY). This was in the late 80’s, early 90’s. The term caught on and eventually spread throughout the Bay, West Coast, and eventually East Coast. After Filthy Phil there are so many Bay rappers using the term (both locally and nationally known) that there’s no way Puff could ever take credit for using it. If he did Filthy Phil, E-40, Spice 1, Too $hort, JT The Bigga Figga, and a gang of other Bay rappers would have something to say about that. Bonus: My favorite song on the subject – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wO34JwhB9M0


  3. I dont mind objective hate. Thats cool and it stirs shit up from time to time. It may even help with expanding the mind. I deal with dudes hating at my job to the point where they’re debating about why they have the best side pieces. Yes, you read that right; side pieces. I’ve come to the conclusion people just need attention.

    Sidenote: Lacey’s back!?!?


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